Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog

Why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog is a question I was asked by an aspiring entrepreneur. My answer was yes if the entrepreneur wants to succeed and thrive in this digital age. The primary reason why search engines were created and continue to exist is to provide a match-making machine that collects people's queries (questions), find the right resource on the Internet, and then match the two in a very good user experience. On one hand, an individual types a search query in a search tool on the web, and on the other hand, another individual offers the exact information from another end of the world. The search engine brings them together to offer the first individual the answer to his or her queries.

Your Website is the most important asset in the Digital Revolution

If you own and run a business and do not have a website and / or blog, you are like someone who wants to climb Mount Everest wearing your evening sandals. And if you have a website and do not implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you are like a pilot flying a plane with all the dashboard lights off. The result is certainly a failure and a crash.

At any given time, each one of us is searching for information, while another individual is submitting answers to the questions. Long ago, we used to go to a Library to find information from a book. Now, we go online. At the Library, the Librarian helped you find the book. Books were organized and indexed and then displayed in coded aisles. On the Internet, Search Engines play the role of the Librarian. Only, with some variations. Google search engines have built in them algorithms for analyzing the input from these two parties, and making he most relevant and accurate match between the two. As an entrepreneur, you are a solution provider. You will be rewarded on the basis and to the degree that you solve people's problems. And you may have the best answer or solution to a problem experienced by millions of people. But if you do not have an organized platform where awareness of the solutions is raised and people can come to access your solutions in exchange for monetary or other value, you are wasting your time. Thus the need for both "online visibility" and "online find-ability." If you have asked yourself the question why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog, keep on reading.

An entrepreneur, by definition, is someone who brings solutions to the problems that people in a community experience. And then the entrepreneur determines the means by which he or she will bring the awareness of his or her solutions to those who need it. Then the entrepreneur determines the means by which the "audience" will reach him or her and finally orders and buys the solution. You could place an ad on the radio, television, newspaper, or a billboard on the highway with your contact information so that your prospects can reach to you. You will also provide enough information about yourself to earn their trust before they can buy. The Internet has facilitated this. Your prospects can now go online and with a few clicks, have all the information they need to make a decision almost instantly. That is why you need to be online. In this article, we are providing more ideas to answer the question, "Why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog" in this day and age.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog?

Today, you can find many platforms through which to share their content online. For instance, Affiliate Marketing businesses are providing people with a "page" attached to their own platform, which they call free website. We also have social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just to name a few. They all offer their subscribers a space to share their ideas on their walls. Some like Tumblr offer subscribers the opportunity to create a personal and/or business profiles where the subscribers can present their ideas, products and services. They can run a marketing campaign on these platforms as well. And they can communicate with other subscribers right on the platform.

Many entrepreneurs are solely relying on these platforms to build their businesses or rather I should to run their activities. I have discussed with some of them who have told me they do not really see a need for a website or a blog. They are happy they can run Live Facebook Video presentations, connect with thousands of people, organize Live Events such as Watch Parties, run ad campaigns, etc. As long as they get the type of feedback they want - people responding, joining their activities and eventually picking up clients, etc. - they are happy. But is this really an adequate way to build a business? I have said it many times: there is a big difference between hustling and building an enterprise. This approach may provide you with an extra pay check - and you may make good money too - but are you aware of the risks and the potential you may be missing?

Resources Available to Entrepreneurs to create a website or Blog

I cannot overstate the benefits of having a website and / or a blog. With the resources available today - both free and paid - there is really no reason why an entrepreneur should not have a website and / or blog. The paid resources offer a wide range of prices that can range that should be affordable to any budget.

Here are some of them and how you can use them that help people get their own website and / or blog:

Some of these solutions are open source, and are therefore given freely. You can also find free templates to upload and create a website or blog online. But as with everything else, free things also come with hidden disadvantages. For instance, the makers of the free resources are not obligated to provide any security updates, which could leave you vulnerable with the rapidly changing threats online. Also, when for instance, WordPress upgrades the version of its core software, your plugin may become incompatible and thus leave gaps that can give access to online bad guys to attack your website or blog.

If you are in business, then you should already be aware of the need to safeguard your data online as well as the personal information of your website visitors.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog

Benefits of having a Website and Blog for Entrepreneurs

You may have heard about "The Digital Transformation Revolution" and may have wondered what this means. What we are witnessing and being a part of is history changing events, similar to the invention of the telephone, airplanes, automobiles, etc. I chose this topic of why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog because I want to make sure that aspiring and existing entrepreneurs understand what it takes to truly succeed in this digital age. I am preparing an article on this topic to be published soon. So, stay tuned if you want to read more about it. But briefly, let me say that today, any business that is not properly connected and established online is missing of the biggest opportunities that the Internet brings to businesses and even daily living. Personal relationships are being built online, the Word of God is being preached online and reaching billions of people around the world within a nano second. businesses are finding new business opportunities and people are now able to find the products and services they need online like never before, students are able to expand their knowledge through research online, and information on just about anything can be easily accessed through the search bar on your web browser on your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop. Needless to say, if you are an entrepreneur offering a service or product, you cannot be found out of this vast world wide web marketplace. But then you can say, "I am on Facebook and / or Instagram! Isn't that enough?" Well let me explain.

Website and Online Visibility and Find-ability

When anyone wants to find answers to their questions or to search for a product or service they need, they do not go to Facebook. They go to Google to search for it. Or maybe Bing or Yahoo. And search engines have built in them systems that crawl the internet, index over 100 trillions of pages, and present the most relevant content to those queries in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) in response to over 40,000 queries being input into the Google Search Tool every second. And people generally choose from the most relevant answers from the top results present on the page. That's where you want to be if you want a piece of the cake. Paid Ads are presented at the top followed immediately by organic traffic results (non-paid results). It is estimated that about 70% of traffic that come to an average website online comes from the organic traffic. There are rules that govern which content appears on the SERPs organically and are thus made visible to online visitors. Please subscribe to this Blog to be notified of our articles as we will be writing more to help you position your Brand properly online.

While paid ads are important in bringing in traffic that is specifically intent on your product and services they responded to, they only generate about 30% of the traffic. Based on your own conversion rate (which depends on many factors both on-page and off-page around your website), you cannot depend on paid ads alone to grow your business. Most average business' conversion rates are around 2% on their website.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website or Blog?

We are experiencing a boom in entrepreneurship around the world. The Internet has opened up borders and individual entrepreneurs have an opportunity to gain exposure globally. This means that competition has also increased. At the same time, people are becoming more and more demanding. They are asking many questions. They want to know more about not only the features of your products and / or services. They want to know about you. They want to you about your motives. Many want to know whether your Business is Environmentally Friendly. Remember the story I told about the German giant automaker Volkswagen in my article "New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends in 2019". Their reputation has taken a big hit. People want to do business with people whose values mirror theirs. The Volkswagen Brand has taken a big hit, not because their product has poor quality and high prices. Their Brand Story has been damaged in addition to the huge financial costs they have suffered and will continue to suffer in the forse-able future from this debacle.

Unless you are just looking for a few extra dollars to help pay your bills, you cannot succeed in your business simply with social media. You need a website and a blog. You need to build your Brand Story and you need a website and blog to do it. You need your Blog to tell your Brand Story and build your Brand Power.

As an Entrepreneur, you need your website to present your business, products and services. And you can use your blog to build your reputation and authority online. Your website is made of pages which are generally static. The content on your website does not change much. For instance, you will not change your About us page every day. But your blog is the tool you will use to release fresh content on a daily basis.

Search Engines crawl websites and blogs to index them daily. They recognize fresh content when it is posted and present it to web visitors based on how relevant it is. Depending on the quality of your content, your blog is the primary tool to attract an audience and build loyalty as they begin to recognize you as an authority in your field. When they trust you, they will buy regularly from you. This approach is also referred to as "Attraction Marketing" or "Content Marketing".

I have run an experiment on Facebook throughout last year (though not a scientific experiment) and discovered that it is very difficult to build such an audience simply through Social Media such as Facebook. Some of the benefits that your blog offers you are:

  • Your blog will force you to develop yourself. It will force you to work on your personal mastery. It will push you out of your comfort zone in order to bring the best out of yourself. You must learn how to present a content that meets the rules of Search Engine Algorithms as well as captivate the attention of your target audience. If you write poorly, obviously no one will want to stay around you even if you are writing about something great. Like I said in my previous article, Google now uses both its automated search engine system to interpret human intent of those searching for the information.
  • Make sure that your spelling is correct. Do not write too long sentences. And structure your sentences properly. If you write the same way you talk on the streets, then that is the audience you will draw. You may have to pay someone else to write your content professionally. It is your Brand Image and Voice at stake. It would a lot more to repair that image once it is tarnished than to establish a fresh one.
  • There are different types of articles: Questions & Answers (Q&A), Story Telling, Technical Research, Personal Journal, Product Description, etc. Each of them requires a certain style. I will write more on this soon. Brief: Remember you are not writing to yourself or your cousins. Know your audience and reach out to them to win them with your writing.
  • Your blog will force you to conduct real research to know your target audience so that you may deliver a content that is relevant to them and meets their needs.
  • Your blog will teach you persistence, perseverance, discipline, and consistency. You must be patient. You cannot build a loyal audience overnight. Real consistent and loyal online traffic to your website is a result of seeking, finding real people and building real relationships and developing real engagement with them.
  • Your blog is what will bring fresh traffic to your website as your content reaches more and more people online and your audience begins to share your content with their own connections.
  • As the performance of your content rises towards the top of the ranking on SERPs, your whole website will benefit.
  • As traffic increases to your website, other businesses will want to advertise on your blog, which results in additional revenue streams.
  • Through dialogue and conversation with your audience, as they trust you, they will begin to share ideas on your blog, which can provide you with paths to new innovations.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Website And Blog

In conclusion, every entrepreneur needs a website and a blog. Your website and blog are your hub online. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy can only be implemented on your website or blog, not on Social Media Platforms. Social Media by nature should be a platform where you present and advertise what you have on your website and blog. You do not own Social Media websites. Facebook, for instance, can shut down your page at any time. I am not yet aware of any re-course available for solving this problem. Many people have lost their Facebook accounts without any explanation. They lost everything they had built in those accounts. Data Privacy is another issue that may not be fully resolved to my knowledge. You only own two pieces of real estates online: your website and your email list. This is another reason why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog.

You should therefore use your Social Media accounts as Marketing Platforms and direct traffic back to your website and / or blog. Remember, building your presence online takes time. Everything you are building on Social Media platforms does not build your own online profile. If you had established yourself online with a website or blog, by now - after 3-5 years - you would have risen in ranking in Search Engines. The benefits would be yours. Your website and blog also offers you the benefit or organizing your online content in a way that your audience can easily find it. For instance, you can download all your Facebook Live videos and then upload them to your YouTube Channel so that all your videos are in one place. As you link them to your blog, for instance, your website visitors get easy access to your video content.

Your website or blog also gives you the ability to build your Domain authority by building backlinks. I will discuss this in details in future articles. Backlinks are the links that connect to your website or blog from other sites. The quality of those sites can either dilute or favorably impact your site value. You cannot accomplish this with your Facebook page, for instance.

I believe now you understand why every entrepreneur needs a website and blog. There are other factors that help in ranking your content online, such as your Web Hosting Plan, your domain ranking, etc. If you need more information and / or assistance with Website Design and hosting your site, you may contact us and we will be happy to assist you. (Chat with us on our website). Do not miss my next article. It will provide ideas on how you can maximize the full potential of your website and blog. Many people have websites or blogs that are underutilized. Make sure to subscribe to the blog while commenting and also Subscribe to our Email List (See link below) so you do not miss out on the conversation.

If you have enjoyed and have found value in this article, please leave a comment below. You can also leave your questions and I will be very happy to respond and point you to the resources you may need. You may also contribute to the conversation by sharing any ideas you may have, answer other participants' questions, and help other become better. Thank you.

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