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Website Design Project Execution Checklist

You may have started your new business, or established your new organization. Or you simply may have a project – your ideas – and you now want to place them online to reach the world. Or maybe you simply want to update or revise your existing blog or website. No matter how small this project may appear, you still need to create a Website Design Project Checklist or Guide. Defining key elements upfront will certainly pay huge dividends in terms of guiding or directing your execution process for the task. This will also help reduce errors and the need for many revisions.

We have endeavored to provide you with a simplified guide, yet also provide all the information necessary to enable you complete your project successfully, regardless of the technical approach you take to your specific project. Checklists offer the advantage of simplifying complicated or overwhelming projects like building a website – into easily manageable steps.

A Checklist provides a detailed list of steps and processes that need to be done, everything nicely laid out for you like an organized road map. As a result, a Checklist helps eliminate all the guesswork out of building your website. You know exactly what to do, when to do it, what comes first and what comes next.

This Checklist contains all the elements that you will need to complete your website building project. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may not need all the elements immediately. But you will sure need them when it is time to expand your website in the future.

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Over fifty percent (50%) of the people have stated that a website design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business. It takes an effective and response design to bring attention to your brand and boost traffic to your website.

Website Design Project Checklist


  • Identify and register your domain name: This is your web address. You also need hosting.

  • Define your business goals: What do you want to accomplish with your website?

  • Define your target audience: Define your target clients (demographics, location, etc.).

  • Pick your website platform: How complex is your website?

  • Research Website Hosting Web Hosting is what makes your website visible online.

  • Research your website design elements: How complex is your site? Maintain complexity in simplicity.

  • Create great content ahead of time: This is a part of your story, what you offer/sell.

  • Gather high quality images for your website: Quality Images tell the story. A picture is worth a thousand word.

  • Design your business logo: It reflects your brand.

  • Define your short-term and long-term online business goals: Build with the future in mind.

  • Set your website launch date: This gives you a timeline.

  • Determine your website project budget: This enables you to manage your expenses.

  • Is this an eCommerce website?: Additional features are needed for an eCommerce website.

  • Get Google Analytics: Helps you manage your web traffic to your website.

Define your Business Goals & Objectives

Your goals and objectives are your benchmarks of success for what you want to achieve. What is the main problem you are seeking to solve with your website? What are the general and specific outcomes or results that will determine success or failure? How will measure your website performance?

Throughout your website design project, you will refer to these objectives and goals to guide you with your decision making. Every aspect of your website must tie back to these benchmarks.

You must also determine your short-term and long-term objectives for your website. These may include marketing / branding awareness, increased lead generation, direct online sales, improved customer satisfaction. You may also define the main business problem as well as secondary problems – both short-term and long-term you are seeking to solve and your online and off-line strategies that are in place to meet these objectives.

If you plan to generate revenue through your website, identify how you plan to achieve this objective. Define specific eCommerce requirements that will enable you to support your revenue generation model.

Get your perfect domain name

I am assuming that at this stage, you have already gathered all the facts about your business and you already have a name for your business. Your domain name is your next most important investment. It is your digital web address that your prospects will use to find and connect with you online. Domain name are free to check for availability. Registration is on an annual basis and generally costs about US$10 – US$20.00 per year. There are also hundreds of Industry-Specific Domain Extensions that you can use to create a domain name that is specific to your industry.

We have published a Guide to choosing the right domain name for your business. Go to Steps for Choosing Your Perfect Domain name to learn more about the importance of investing in your domain name.

We also have Award-Winning Experienced Domain Experts available 24/7/365 (Night & Day) to assist you with your search. We have helped many to find and register even very difficult domains. It can be very difficult to find a name that fits your business. Remember your domain name is your brand online. Even if the domain name you seek is already taken, we may be able to help you secure it.

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Choose the Appropriate Website Design Platform

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In the past, website designers had to use a notepad to hard code the whole website manually. I still do that from time to time. Today, we have many modern website building platform that have made website design simple and fast. Some of the more popular website platforms available on the market today include WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Website Builder, Squarespace, etc. Your skill level together with the features you want on your website and the complexities will determine your choice of a website design platform.

WordPress is no doubt the most flexible and power website builder on the market. WordPress powers over a quarter of the whole internet. OnMax Host provides both Elegant WordPress Website Design as well as Managed WordPress Website Hosting. We also provide Premium WordPress Website Themes.

We also provide a simple yet powerful drag and drop Website Builder Platform that enable you to build a good website in less than an hour.

You may contact our Website Design Consultant at (636) 497-2511 (USA) to learn more about the options available. We will help you choose a scaleable platform that can grow your website with your business.

Prepare your Website Content In Advance

Content is the most important part of any website. Good website content is what sets your website apart from the ocean of information on the internet, and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your target audience online.

Because the success of your website is determined primarily by its content, you may consider hiring a professional copywriter to deliver professional copy for your website. Because you have invested in producing your professional content, I suggest you consider copyrighting it with the U.S. Patent Office to protect your professional content from abuse online.

Learn content marketing strategies. Share your content via Social Media to connect with your target audience and draw more traffic to your website. Publishing and posting relevant, valuable and frequently updated information on your website will boost search engine optimization (SEO), help position you as an expert, and allow you to build relationships with your audience.

Visitors to your website expect to get the information they need without much efforts. In addition to text, consider providing custom videos. Videos are changing the way messages are delivered online and provide a great way to engage your audience. You may also use illustrations, infographics, diagrams and interactive presentations to explain difficult concepts and assist website visitors in their decisions.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” In web design, this is particularly the case. First impressions are most important, especially online. Statistics show that your website typically has between one and five seconds to retain your website visitor. That’s not a lot of time.

The design and overall appearance of your website plays a key tol in capturing the attention and engaging your website visitors to read and process your taglines, dive into your website and ultimately help to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Good well written content captivates your audience and also boosts your SEO. The following ingredients can make your content great:

  • Create original content.
  • Create strong headlines.
  • Make your content actionable.
  • Answer your target audience’s questions.
  • Be accurate when sourcing and reporting information.
  • Communicate better by including audio and video content.
  • Make your content thought provoking.
  • Write short and engaging content. Update regularly.
  • Publish regular blog posts.

Choose Your Website Hosting Solution

OnMax Host - Website Design Checklist

Hosting is what makes your website visible online. When website visitors enter your domain name into the browser address bar, the browser fetches the content of your website from your website host. It is therefore important to chose your website host carefully. If, for instance you are seeking to reach an audience located in other countries, you will want to chose a host that has the capacity to deliver your content rapidly. Keep in mind that internet users are increasingly impatient with prolonged load time.

Another aspect of website hosting that you must pay attention to is Website Security. For your business to succeed online, your website visitors need to trust that you’ll protect them from viruses, hackers and identity thieves. Your host must ensure to keep your website secure, your visitors safe and your business growing.

You may start with basic hosting. However, as traffic to your website increases, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan from basic to high hosting plans. Your hosting cost will therefore increase with the increase in traffic. You will also have several hosting options to choose from: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Free Hosting. Our Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help you choose the right option for you.

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