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WordPress Website Pre-Launch Checklist In 2021

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website

Road map to creating A Beautiful WordPress Website

Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website In 2021

The Checklist for launching a WordPress Website is your road map to creating and launching a great digital experience for your business online. WordPress is the content management system (CMS) that powers over 30% of the web today. WordPress offers tons of benefits for anyone who wants to create a new website.

You do not need to have advanced coding skills. WordPress comes out of the box ready for SEO and there are hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins available on the market to help you build the website you have always wanted and expand the functionality of your website. As the Internet continues to expand and competition is increasingly stiff, we feel that this website checklist will help many maximize the benefits of WordPress and leverage them to launch a website that performs well, offers your visitors a great user experience, is highly visible to your target audience, and helps deliver your Brand Promise effectively.

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Content Is King!

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A website project must begin with content. The purpose of a website is to display content that provides answers to the queries of Internet users. Therefore, content is at the heart your website project.

You must therefore start by defining the type of content that will help you achieve your goals for your online presence. And you must write your content with both search engines and your website visitors in mind.

Your content demonstrates your expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. You need to be familiar with the EAT Guidelines. We incorporate them fully in our website design to ensure the best user experience for the visitors. In order to achieve this, make sure that the following items are checked on your checklist.

You must ensure that all your downloadable files are correct and that you have a contact page so that visitors can communicate with you.

Website Design

The design is what makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the content on your website. Design will also ensure that your content is optimized and presented on various devices correctly.

So, in addition to good content, you also need a good website design. This will impact your choice of a WordPress Theme as well as your Website Designer. Make sure that the design gives full expression to your Brand.

At OnMax Host Digital, we provide you with the FREE WordPress Resources and training to help you with your WordPress Website Design Project.

OnMax Host Digital - Why You Need Professional Website Maintenance

Website Functionality

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For L

Your website must not only be beautiful. It must be also fully functional. In other words, it must do what you intend it to be. So, beautiful design and awesome content are not enough. At the end of the day, your design and content are meant to get your visitors to take action(s) on your site.

You must therefore ensure that all user interface aspects of your website are working as they should. If you expect visitors to fill a form, you need to make sure that the form is working and delivering the message. We have a domain name search tool on our website.

We have made sure that when a visitors types his or her preferred domain in the tool, the visitor will get the results they expect. Here are a few things that you need to check before launching your WordPress website.

Website SEO

The ultimate goal of launching a website is to reach your intended audience. This is called visibility. You will not simply want visibility. You want to be visible to those you are targeting. This is the work of SEO – both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

SEO is not something that we do after we have completed the design of the new WordPress website. At OnMax Host Digital, we incorporate SEO at every stage of the design process. Our goal is to ensure that the new website achieves your goal and begins to work as soon as it is launched.

We will not provide a full list of all the things you need to do to optimize your new website. You can read more on our website. Here are a few points that you need to take into consideration:

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website - SEO

Website Marketing

OnMax Host Digital Checklist for Launching A WordPress Website Marketing

Don’t wait until your website is completed before you start worrying about marketing. At the very moment I am writing these words, there were 84,463 Google Searches performed online per 1 second. That represented over 36 Million Google Searches in 5 minutes. There were 3 Million Email Messages exchanged online in 1 Second. At the end of 2019, there were about 4.7 Billion Active Internet Users.

Imagine that by 7 PM CST, there were over 5 Billion Google Searches conducted. As I am writing (Thursday July 23rd, 2020 at 7:18 PM CST), there were about a total of 1.8 Billion Websites on the Internet. Less than 200 Million of these websites were active today.

What do these numbers tell us? You can design and publish the best website and publish it on the Internet, that will not be enough to break through. You must have a Marketing Strategy, both online and offline, that will work for you. And you must plan your marketing strategy before you begin working on your website. You can learn more about our Digital Marketing Services for more information.

Legal - Disclaimers - Privacy

This is one thing that most website owners do not pay attention to. But if you want to gain the trust of your website visitors and earn their business, you must display all the legal notices – both those that are mandatory by law and those that are not, but give your website visitors and customers certain assurances. Here are a few things that you definitely must have in place before launching your WordPress Website.

You may have to obtain qualified legal counsel to make sure your business is fully covered to avoid un-necessary liabilities and legal issues that could cripple your business later.

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website - Legal

Hosting, Backup & Website Security

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist for Launching A WordPress Website - Hosting

Hosting is what displays your website to the world. Take the time to research the right hosting service for your website. You need to consider several critical factors in your decision: infrastructure, server configuration, security, scalability, speed, power, support, etc.

OnMax Host Digital provides Web Hosting services to help you launch and deliver your website with unparalleled performance. The OnMax Host Digital WordPress Hosting has page loading speeds that are among the top 5 WordPress Hosting Companies in the industry. We offer a variety of plans that are flexible and can grow with your business. The Hosting Plans also come with Nightly Backup & 1-Click Restore, Website Security to protect your website from malware and hackers, and SSL Certificates to protect your customers private information from prying eyes. We also provide Award-Winning Technical Support available 24/7 to help you whenever you need assistance.

Checklist for Launching A WordPress Website Completed!

Good Job! We’re almost done. We’re moving to the next step soon. But it’s okay to just go over your work for anything that is not in place. You may enlist the help of a third party. Have someone with experience proofread your content, and give you an honest feedback on your work. Ask a colleague with knowledge who can address more than just the feel and look of things.

Get at least a couple of different feedback. Ask friends and family members to take a look and give you a quick feedback. They are not experts. They will tell you what the average visitors to your website will experience.

You must be receptive and open to criticism. The feedback may sound like criticism. Just listen. And make the necessary adjustments or changes.

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website - Good Job

It's Time To Launch!

OnMax Host Digital - Checklist For Launching A WordPress Website - Launch

Congratulations. Finally, you’ve made it!

You’ve worked for weeks and months to get here. Your new WordPress Website is now ready and you are now about to embark on the journey. This is the moment you have been waiting for. The next step is to promote your website. It is time to dominate your niche, your industry. And OnMax Host Digital is right here to help you Build A Better Brand Story For You!

Let’s go. We’ll help you build your Brand. We’ll connect you with real people, create real connections, build real relationships, generate real excitement, establish your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness in your industry. The goal is to drive traffic to your website and convert them into sales.

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