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Our Website Design gives creative and beautiful expression to your Brand. We create websites that work today and tomorrow – meeting the complex needs of businesses with great functionalities for every business.


Professional Website Design

We are a full Digital Marketing Firm offering professional website design services. We design unique, custom elegant websites built on WordPress, the platform that powers over 40% of the Internet. We also offer our Website Builder for beginners and those who desire a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach with a drop and drop comfort. Our professional website design experts bring our full digital marketing expertise to build a digital hub that will serve as a platform for turning your dream into reality, attracting your best customers and growing your business. From WordPress development, content development, page load speed, we deliver websites that are fully optimized for speed and work on all devices.

Full Brand Expression

We give full express to your Brand and give life to your ideas. We bring your Brand, your Customers’ needs and your creativity together on your website designed by our Creative Experts.

At OnMax Host Digital, website design is not just a task. It is a passion. From single page websites, blogs, eCommerce websites to enterprise websites, we create designs that give you credibility with your audience.

OnMax Host Digital - Professional Website Design

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OnMax Host Digital - Website Design - Elegant WordPress Websites Design

Elegant WordPress Website

We push the limit of creativity and innovation to create beautiful, elegant, websites that meet the needs of our customers. Our aim is to give your Brand full expression and give your Brand Story a voice on the web. We specialize in WordPress, the platform that powers over 30% of the web. We only use the latest WordPress tools to ensure that your website meets the latest requirements of search engines for the best user experience on your website.

Website Builder (DIY)

Our website builder provides a way to create a website very quickly and get your ideas out on the web for the world to see. This is a drag and drop – Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution that comes with thousands of designs you can choose from. We have a design for every industry. You can create and manage your website from any device: phone, tablet, or computer. Our Website Builder comes with Online Appointment in Real Time and Payment features to help you manage your customers schedules.

OnMax Host Digital - Website Design - Website Builder

We help you design the website you always desired fast.

Building your next website will now enable you unleash your creativity. You will no longer be constrained by the tools you use or lack of technical coding knowledge. We’ll guide you on how to use trending tools like Elementor to design elegant and mobile optimized website to grow your business.

OnMax Host Digital Website Design User Experience

We Understand user experience

We understand your user experience and customers journey. Therefore, we bring the full expertise of our Digital Marketing Experts to create a hub that connects to all your marketing channel, your vision, your mission, and your target audience.

Through research, innovation and collaboration, we offer your customers the user experience that compels them to convert into not only profitable customers and also and mostly your loyal Brand Advocates.

Google and other major search engines are now considering user experience as a high ranking factor. We also make it a priority in our website design.

responsive website design across devices

Our website design is done with all devices in mind. Especially as device optimization is now a ranking criteria in Google search engine, and increasingly more users using mobile devices for their Internet activities, our website design experts give a high priority to mobile device optimization in our design.

OnMax Host Digital - Website Design - Optimized for All Devices
OnMax Host Digital - Website Design - Speed

website designed for speed

Page load speed is a major factor in measuring user experience quality. Therefore, at OnMax Host Digital, our Website Design Experts use the latest website design tools such as modern page builders and WordPress themes and other tools that help reduce page load times to ensure the best user experience.



OnMax Host Digital - Get Your Business Online In Five Steps

We have changed the rule. You can now judge a book by its cover. We bring creativity, innovation to bring your Brand, Business Goals, and your Customers’ Needs together on your website. We create amazing websites with style.

Professional Website Maintenance

We design, develop, host and maintain high performing beautiful websites that really work and provide the best user experience on all devices for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

The aim of OnMax Host Digital Professional Website Maintenance is to improve your website performance and security. The Internet is ever changing and expanding. Your website must also change. We don’t only react to the changes. We anticipate the changes and pro-actively position your website to meet the challenges of tomorrow, ahead of your competition.

OnMax Host Digital - Professional Website Design

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1470399662 Marketing

Real time stats

We connect your website to Google Analytics so you can access your website performance stats in real time.

1470399671 SEO

Multilingual & translatable

We can provide a multi-lingual websites to help you reach your global audience with your Brand Story in their local languages.

1470399715 E Commerce

Less plugins needed

We only use the minimum required number of plugins. This helps speed up your page load time to ensure the best user experience.

1470399674 App Development

Amazingly responsive

We create websites that are amazingly responsive to all devices - computer, tablet and phones. Reach your audience where they are comfortable.

1470399667 Newsletter

Community builder

We connect your website with all social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp to help you build your Community online

1470399656 Branding

Easy to use interface

We design websites that offer the best user experience and ensure the best user interface.

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