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I Welcome you to our new OnMax Host Digital Blog. If you were subscribed or followed our blog prior to April 2020, then you may noticed that our blog was down. We were in the process of rebuilding as we expanded our business. We are now back online and would like to encourage you to subscribe again, even you already subscribed before.

“We are a company of professionals with a deep passion for beautiful design, bringing together technology, art, data, analysis, research and collaboration to deliver creative solutions that help achieve big results for you.”

We have also innovated our operations to facilitate a remote working environment for our team. Both our technical staff and corporate team are working remotely from our homes. Our goal is to ensure the safety and protect the health of our staff as well as customers and partners.

We are also fully committed to support the entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world who are increasingly realizing the need to leverage the Internet to deploy their ideas and creativity, and grow their visions, with the tools, creative digital solutions, the the support they need to succeed. We are here to solve your problems and help you grow your brand.

Therefore, we have redesigned and refreshed our website to give you the best user experience and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I also encourage you to subscribe to this blog as we will be releasing more knowledge, updates, and tips on various digital products as well as new trends in the industry. We want to position you ahead of the curve and beat your competition.

Basic Info About Us

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs

This is a brief introduction to OnMax Host Digital. We are a full Digital Marketing Agency – A One Stop Shop for all the professional, creative and innovative digital solutions that you need to establish your presence online and achieve your business goals.

We serve all businesses, small and large. Just bring your ideas and we will give them life. You can learn more about us on our About OnMax Host Digital page.



The first step into the web is a great domain name. Great domain names make great website. Own your identity online before someone takes it and you have to compromise later when you need it.


Through creativity, innovation, and passion for beauty, we give full expression to your Brand Voice and Identity using technology, art, data, analysis, research, and collaboration. Building a Betterrand Story For You.


We bring together your Brand, Business Goals and Customers’ Needs on your website, and deploy your Brand Story to build real relationships with real people, real engagements and real traffic.

The New OnMax Host Digital Blog - Digital Resources

As a Full Modern Digital Marketing Agency, our website contains a lot of resources. This could be intimidating to some of our website visitors. So, we have made real efforts to make it easier for everybody to navigate the website easily with a clear and simple menu.

OnMax Host Digital Product Catalog:

We have also created a Product Catalog that lists all our digital solutions, grouped by major category. I believe this Product Catalog provides a visually simple way to understand and navigate all our solutions and choose the one you need.  Simply click on the individual digital solution you need to navigate to its page and learn more about it. You may visit the OnMax Host Digital Product Catalog here.

Throughout our website, you have the option to contact our Team and chat with us. We welcome all your questions, suggestions, and comments. Our Live Chat is open during regular business hours. However, at any time, including during non-business hours, if a Live Agent is not available, you can leave your name, email address and phone number together with your inquiry and we will contact you back within 24 business hours.

OnMax Host Digital Support

The primary purpose of the OnMax Host Digital Support Services is to help our customers and potential clients understand our creative digital solutions, and to guide you in integrating them into your business model, as well as helping to solve any problems you may encounter with our solutions.

Education or providing knowledge is a major part of our support concept. We believe that an educated consumer or user is a satisfied user. We don’t just wait to solve your problems. We are happy to provide you with training, information, updates, tips, guides to help you maximize the benefits of the digital solutions we provide. The OnMax Host Digital Blog therefore is an integral part of our customer care commitment.

We have established several channels of contact to help you reach our team during specific hours. Because we are supporting entrepreneurs and businesses around the world, we are also expanding to establish localized support where you are. You can therefore receive contextual support in your language, and within your culture. Please follow the links below to access these various channels of communication. Meanwhile, you can also simply reach us and get more information, including regular business hours on our Support page.

Domain Names & Web Hosting Support

In The US

For customers in the United States of America, you can get Phone Support for Domain Names and Web Hosting Services 24/7. Dial the number below:

+1 (480) 624-2500

Global Support

We are expanding to bring localized and contextual support to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. OnMax Host Digital is now in 55 locations worldwide.

Knowledge Base

The OnMax Host Digital Knowledge Base provides knowledge as we as answers to frequently asked questions  (FAQs) on domains, hosting, security, etc.

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We would love to hear from you via any of the communication channels that we have made available. We monitor them daily and nightly and will always respond.  Whether you have a question, suggestion, or comments concerning our business, our products and / or services, we want to hear from you.

I also encourage you to please leave your comments below and share your suggestions, questions, ideas, etc. This is a Forum of Ideas to share knowledge. I would like to hear the topics that you would like us to discuss here in the future.

Please consider sharing this post with anyone you know might have an interest in Digital Marketing, either to contribute ideas or to learn something new. As we come together and share ideas and participate in the discussion, we are shaping the future of Digital Marketing together. And this is good for everybody. Thank you very much.

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