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“Take Advantage of Google My Business (GMB) Listing” to grow your business in 2019 and beyond. I am writing this article to help small business owners with a few tips on how to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) Listing.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I come across and speak with many small business owners. I often hear their frustrations with their online marketing efforts. Paid Google Advertisement is increasingly costly in the midst of intense competition. It takes skills, experience, testing and experimentation to come up with a working formula. This requires time, which most small business owners do not have enough of. OnMax Host Digital Consultants have helped many small businesses. This article a contains free tips and best practices to help small business owners learn how to take advantage of Google My Business Listing, a free opportunity given by Google to help you improve your rankings online.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are not aware of the full potential of Google My Business Listing for the success of their Digital Marketing Strategy.

This is a part of your overall Local SEO Strategy specifically and your digital marketing strategy in general.

OnMax Digital - Google My Business


Google has become synonymous with search engine and online marketing. That is because Google search engine accounts for over 90% of all online searches conducted and all digital advertisements published on the web.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool made available to businesses by Google to help them list their profile and information to Internet searchers. This includes their business hours, location(s), contact information, as well as a description of their business. You can also post your offers and post articles, just like on other Social Media platforms. Google My Business has evolved today and business owners can list their offers, products, and also publish posts. Once a visitor pulls up your GMB listing, they might not even have to proceed to your website as they will find your contact information. With a click, they can call you, or get directions to your business location through Google Maps, or take advantage of your offers. This is truly a convenient way that Google has made available and I urge every business, organization, Church, entrepreneur and even students to get it.

In this article, my goal is to share some of the Google my Business optimization tips and best practices that I implement for my clients that have improved ranking and visibility of their online presence.

OnMax Digital - Google My Business

When a visitor searches for your business name, your Google My Business (GMB) profile will come up. As you can see, posts you have made also show up on the left side. These link to your website as you set up when adding posts to your GMB. This is FREE advertisement and every business must take advantage of this Google My Business tool. But now, you can optimize your GMB with passwords so that when they search for those keywords, your business will come up in the Snack Pack or Three Pack Listing. You should take advantage of Google My Business tool immediately if you have not done so yet. If you need help, simply contact me and I will help you.

OnMax Digital - Google My Business - Three Pack


Google My Business (GMB) is a great tool for online marketing for small businesses. GMB gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers, collect customer reviews, and list your business profile on Google Maps and to show up in local Google Search results. Internet searchers, especially mobile searchers, can click to find direction to reach your physical business location and to make a phone call from their mobile devices.

When someone searches using keywords such as “best domain name”, “best web hosting company”, or “best local SEO Company”, the results will be listed in the Snack Pack or “Three Pack”.

The “Three Pack” shows a map and below the Google Maps, you have three (3) listings. The businesses listed in the three pack are pulled from their respective Google My Business (GMB) listings. As you can see, Google My Business is very crucial to Google Local Search.

As you can realize, having a well optimized Google My Business (GMB) Listing is a must for a local business that wants to attract customers.

I will write more on the importance of Google My Business and all the benefits it provides to your business. Make sure you subscribe to this Blog so that you do not miss the next articles.


OnMax Digital - Google My Business


The following Google My Business Optimization Tips are intended to help you take full advantage of all the benefits of Google My Business Listing.


Optimize your Google My Business Listing profile by including a full description of your business, including photos, offers, history, keywords, etc. This feature used to be a part of the local listing until 2016 when Google took it down. But, now, Google has brought it back. On mobile devices, the description appears under the About us tab.

You can now include product posts, what’s new post, offer posts, etc. to your listing.

You can also include images and images. It is estimated that by 2021, videos will account for about 82% of all Internet traffic. Upload images as well and you may also request your visitors to post images. However, your images and videos must reflect the inside, outside of your business and activities. Photos of street view are also allowed. Take advantage of the timeline photo feature.

Listings with with at least 25 photos get 80% more views than profiles with less than 25 images. This is an area where you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who are not paying attention to take advantage of this feature.


This is a new feature that enables visitors to post questions on your Google My Business Listing. Please note that anyone can answer the questions. It is therefore best practice for you to monitor your listing regularly and promptly respond to the questions. This is an opportunity you have to provide accurate information to your visitors. You must download the Google My Business App on your Android phone and turn on the notification feature in order for you to be notified every time a question is posted on your listing.


Ask your customers to leave a review on your Google My Business Listing. It is best practice for you to always answer each review promptly. Just like with visitors’ questions feature above, your prompt response shows your visitors that you are attentive to your customers’ needs and concerns. Make sure that you respond to both positive and negative reviews.

When you send a request to your customers to leave a review, be specific and also provide them with a link so that they can get directly to your profile listing.

The quality and quantity of the Reviews you collect from your customers affects your Google rankings. They also add value to your Online Reputation. It is estimated that 84% of the people surveyed stated that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Also, 82% of adults stated that they read online reviews before visiting a local business. And finally, 95% of people use the Internet to search for local businesses.

Google displays your reviews next to your listing in Google search results. While you are allowed to request your customers to provide you with reviews, please note that it is unethical to offer bribes or cash rewards) in exchange for reviews.

Again, you will need to activate the notification feature on your Google My Business app.


This feature is available only in certain countries and only Mobile users can access this feature.


Google has also added a menu feature to Google My Business for certain businesses only (such as digital agencies, beauticians, florists, electricians, etc.) to enable you display certain information.


This is another tool that Google has made available within the Google My Business tool. This tool can be used to build back links to your branded website. It is much easier to rank this Google Site on top of SERPs than your branded website.

I recommend that you take advantage of this. This website builder is much easier to handle, but it does have limitations. I do not advise substituting this Google site to your Branded Website. However, use it strategically to achieve your SEO goals. I will be publishing a video and blog article with more details, tips, how-to on this topic. So, stay tuned. The best way to not miss it is by subscribing to this Blog. Go to “Eave Reply” at the bottom of this article. Then click on Login and you will be prompted to subscribe.


Google My Business provides insights. It is best practice for you to review your analytics on a daily basis.

I will be publishing a How-To Video with more tips and Best Practices to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a winning Google My Business Listing. So, subscribe to this Blog in order to receive notifications each time I publish a new article on this blog.

If you need more help bringing more traffic and turning traffic into customers on your website, please request our FREE SEO Audit today. This is a part of our Free Consultation offer to help you with your digital strategy.

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