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SEO Audit & Website Quality Assessment

SEO Audit by OnMax Host Digital Experts is a process of altering and strengthening your website’s online relevancy. During the SEO Audit, we typically cover important components of your website content-related issues, site architecture, indexing, backlink analysis and social media engagement. The audit will also include a review of your website quality (E-A-T) based on the Google Quality Raters Guidelines. The ultimate goal is not just more leads and more traffic to your website, but high volume conversion rates. Let OnMax Host Digital SEO Audit Experts help Boost Your Rankings & Search Engine Visibility. The goal is to bring your brand, customers’ needs and your business goals together on your website.

Technical Analysis

We analyze the technical aspects of your website design for SEO.

On / Off-Page analysis

We perform both on-page and off-page analysis of your online presence.

Quality Assessment

We assess the quality of your website for the best user experience.

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The SEO Audit & Quality Review Process

Leveraging Technology And Data for Conversion Rate Optimization


Analysis is a process of measurement – comparing your current website performance to your business strategic objectives. OnMax Host Digital brings over 50 years of combined experience in data analysis and technology to help businesses see not only the gap but also provide solutions for not only meeting those objectives but realizing opportunities that you were not aware of before. We work with businesses to make this an ongoing process, not simply an event. This is the only way a business can truly benefit from leveraging technology and data. The scope of the analysis is determined by the objectives of our audit. You can have a FREE SEO Audit Report today. Meanwhile, read our SEO Audit Checklist for more information.

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Expert Feedback

OnMax Host Digital provides you with our Expert SEO Audit feedback, which is a list of Actionable SEO Strategies to help your business improve your website to offer your website visitors the right user experience on your site. This SEO Audit Feedback is a list of recommendations for strengthening your website SEO effectiveness to meet your Business Strategic Objectives.

Our SEO Audit Feedback will also provide a Roadmap for resolving the issues uncovered as well as the cost for fixing these issues. This SEO Roadmap to effectiveness is a step-by-step Strategic Guideline to achieving the goal of High Conversion Optimization on your website.

Recommended Design

As a part of our SEO Audit Feedback, our recommendations will also include all technical design recommendations in addition to content-related ideas. This may require a complete re-design of your website, or just a fixing of some key areas of your website.

Website Architecture affects your SEO effectiveness. Our Website Design Team is therefore heavily involved in SEO Audit – both the analysis and solution.

All our new Website Design projects are performed to be SEO effective from the start. This makes our websites fully optimized.

OnMax Host Digital - SEO Audit & Quality Assessment - Recommended Design

The Goal of An Effective SEO Strategy

OnaMax Host Digital - SEO Audit - The Goal of SEO

The purpose for implementing the right and an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy is not simply to meet Google Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Requirements and rank high on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

In the same manner that you do not study simply to pass the test at school, the primary reason to define, launch and execute an effective SEO Strategy that is aligned with the Mission and Vision of your business is to provide your website visitors with the best User Experience.

Your business goal must be to be a solution and offer the right and most relevant answers to the visitors queries online

Website Quality Assessment (E-A-T)

Website Quality Assessment (E-A-T) is an evaluation of your website’s compliance with Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines. Our review consists of a series of tests on specific aspects of your website followed by a review report that includes recommendations. Our Team of SEO Experts will work with your business to implement the recommendation and bring your website to compliance. This is urgent for websites that fall within the YMYL (Your Money – Your Life Category) as defined in the Guidelines. But every website will need to be compliant to these guidelines because every website is offering something that is intended to impact the lives and / or businesses of your visitors.

The Strategy Is To Provide The Best User Experience

I want to re-instate this one single fact to businesses: Just as businesses whose sole aim is to make profit will eventually exposed and lose their credibility in the eyes of the consumers, any business whose sole aim of implementing the right SEO Techniques is to beat Google Search Engine Algorithms and rank at the top of the organic Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) will eventually fail.

In the long run, your heart desire to provide your website visitors with the best and right user experience is what will establish your reputation online and grant you greater authority in the area of your business endeavor. Aiming to become the right and relevant solution to your audience will generate loyalty and continued success.

Your Reputation and Authority determine Brand Loyalty. All the other SEO techniques are helpful, but ultimately, this is the key to your Brand Success.

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