Promote Your Website Content


Promote Your Website Content

I have written previously about the importance of dynamic content on a website to drive traffic to your website and build your target audience. Building and nurturing your target audience is the first step to a successful online marketing strategy. And content marketing is the most effective method for establishing you as the authority in your field and therefore building a loyal audience.

You may read my previous articles by opening the following links: Content Marketing Through Blogging and Blogging: Content Marketing Strategy. Today, I am sharing on how you can effectively promote your blog. This will not be an in-depth analysis of this topic. It is needless to say that the most wonderful content in the world is useless unless it can reach those it is intended to reach: your target audience. It is therefore not enough to writing the most excellent article. It is equally important to ensure that your target audience becomes aware of the blog article and they have access to it. With millions of websites and blogs presently floating on the web, there are a number of on-page things you must do in order to ensure that your blog performs well on the web in terms of speed and visibility.

There are many out there who will promise to place you at the top of search engine results. But this cannot constitute your only strategy. You must also build an effective blog promotion strategy to increase your blog’s potential to reach your target audience and generate engagement that increases your conversion rate. The checklist below provides you with a check list to help keep you focused on your specific objectives throughout this process.

Blog Content Distribution Checklist

Throughout the whole process of designing and implementing an effective blog content distribution/promotion strategy, you must always work with the end in mind: “To drive the right traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.”


An effective Content Marketing Strategy is built on: (1) Email Marketing; (2) Search Engine Performance; (3) Social Media Engagements. The goal is to ensure the following three (3) goals: (a) Maintain consistent visibility of your content; (b) Maintaining constant engagement with your audience; and (c) Expanding Content Reach to get discovered by new audience.

  • Send your new blog content to your Email List Subscribers to inform them of your new article. Building an Email List is probably one of the best thing you will do to build your brand and brand.

  • Re-send your blog content article to non-opens.: Target all the email addresses that did not open your message the first time. They may have been too busy to notice your message and now it is buried under a ton of recent messages.

  • Share your blog content article to various Social Media Platforms: Connect with relevant people and engage them in conversation around the topic of your new blog content article. Remember to share your blog content to multiple relevant Facebook groups. Share your content multiple times. Create a share schedule and share throughout the week for at least a month.

  • Syndicate your blog content article by pitching your best-performing blog content articles to other blogs in case they’d be interested in republishing. This opens you to new opportunities to reach a new audience.

  • Send an outreach email to your Email List.. Use this strategy to ask your regular audience to share your blog content article with their friends and / or relatives.

  • Mention an Influencer in your Blog content article. Remember to inform them that you mentioned them in your article.

  • Share your blog content article to content communities. Start by building relationships within those groups and share your best stuff. Stay away from self-promotion and focus more on sharing content that is useful to the community.

  • Make sharing your blog content articles easy with Click to Share Buttons. People are eager to share useful content with others via a variety of methods. Make it easy for them to help you spread your content with the people around them.

  • Focus your blog content distribution in the places that produce the best result for you. This implies that you are regularly studying your blog performance reports.

  • Re-purposing. Grab snippets and excerpts of your existing content and re-distribute it to other relevant websites such as LinkedIn that have their own distribution channels.

  • Make Short Social Media Videos: to promote your blog content articles in video form to promote your content articles to video platforms such as YouTube.

  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and answer questions. Take the time to acknowledge and thank familiar faces for their participation in the conversation.

  • Post a summary in niche websites. Post summaries of your blog content articles in niche websites. Create accounts in smaller membership websites, forums, association websites, networking groups, and anywhere else you can post your blog content articles. Post only a short summary or excerpt of your original content article and then link back to your original article. Include an image to make it more visible.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Align your blog content article with relevant popular key phrases that give you a greater chance of ranking high on search engine search results based on your domain authority. Use the key phrase at the beginning of the blog content article title, in the header, in the meta description and up to four times in the body text of the article.

  • Use related key phrases in the body of the article. Include related key phrases and words in the body of the article. This is one way to target the topic, and not just the key phrase for the purpose of aligning your blog content article with “semantic SEO”, which is a mega-trend in marketing.

  • Include both internal and external links in your post. Include links both in the body of your article body and / or at the bottom of your article in the “Related Links” section of the page. The links could be pointing to other blog articles within your website, a static page or an external website. Make sure that the text within the link includes the key phrase you’re targeting.

  • Additional ways to promote your
    blog content
    . You can place a link to your blog content article on the home page of your website. Include a link to the article on thank you pages on your website. Also, consider including it in your email signatures and in your conference and / or seminar materials. Mention the article in sales and other marketing materials. In summary, include your blog content article in every form of communication.
  • Quality rules the day. The first strategy for a successful blog content article distribution campaign is to write quality content. Now tell us what you think.

  • Grow your Email List Subscriber. Include your Email List Sign Up Box and encourage your readers to subscribe to your Email List, in addition to subscribing to the Blog.

I will continue to write on this topic soon. Please subscribe to our Email List to receive future updates and notifications of my publications and other deals, promotions, updates, tips and ideas to help you manage your presence online. Your Email List Sign Up Box must be fully optimized and meet the following criteria: (a) Prominence: It is easily visible to the reader; (b)Promise: Your invitation to sign up must include the promise of what they are getting and what to expect; (c) Proof: Display a visible count of your Email List Subscribers. You may also include a testimonial by current subscribers.

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