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OnMax Host provides you with all the tools and the Award-Winning Support you need 24/7/365 to manage your presence online and be successful in your business efforts. If you are already an OnMax Host customer, you may access your account below to manage your products. If you are new to OnMax Host, you may create your free account and obtain a Customer ID Number as well as your Four-Digit PIN Number (you will need this information to contact our World-Class Support Experts to help you better. No Credit Card or purchase is required and there is no obligation to create an OnMax Host Account).

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Check our Product Catalog for the full list of all OnMax Host Digital Revolution Services. Click the button below to explore and check all our deals & promotions as well as new innovations.

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Access your products and account settings and update your personal account information or upgrade your products. Manage your account and appoint an account manager.

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Access our Product Knowledge Base to learn more about your products and guides to help you learn how to use them. And if you still need to communicate with us, feel free to chat with OnMax Host Bot or Live Agent.

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Search your perfect domain name. You may simply type your preferred keyword in the domain search tool below then click search your domain button. A list of available domains with various extensions will be provided. If you know the domain extension that you want, you may enter it by placing a period (.) after your preferred keyword (everything in one word). If you need to find out all the domain extensions available for registration, please go to OnMax Host List of Available Domain Extensions OnMax Host List of Available Domain Extensions. If you still cannot find the extension(s) you desire or if the domain name you want is already registered by someone else, please contact our Award-Winning Experts any time 24/7/365 and we will help you negotiate with the current owner through our Domain Alert® Pro Backorder Service. Our Domain Experts can work with you to find any domain you want.

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