OnMax Host Digital - August 2020 Newsletter

OnMax Host Digital August 2020 Newsletter

The OnMax Host Digital August 2020 is out. You can get it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article. This Edition contains some very important updates from around the Digital World. The focus is mostly on new some important changes by Google.

The digital world is always in a flux. Changes are rapid. This poses a great challenge for businesses to keep up with all the changes while also running their businesses. Sifting through all the noise on a daily basis, with so many pieces constantly shifting is nearly impossible.

Our goal at OnMax Host Digital is to provide our audience with the knowledge you need to make timely decisions. We also provide you with regular and timely updates, news and tips organized in bite-size chunks that you can easily process.

August 2020 Newsletter Summary

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Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool To Be Replaced

Google recently made an announcement that its Structured Data Testing Tool will be replaced with the Rich Results Tool that is newly out of beta.

This is what Google said in favor of the Rich Results Tool (…).

Here are some reasons the new tool will serve you better:

  1. It shows which Search feature enhancements are valid for the markup you are providing.
  2. It handles dynamically loaded structured data markup more effectively.
  3. It renders both mobile and desktop versions of a result.
  4. It is fully aligned with Search Console reports.
OnMax Host Digital - August 2020 Newsletter - Google My Business

Google Adds “Black Owned” Attribute To ‘Google My Business’

Google recently launched the new Black-Owned attribute to Google My Business on July 30, where relevant businesses can tag themselves. Just like the way we see Veteran-led or Women-led in the Highlights section of any business listing, this new attribute will also be seen the same way.

OnMax Host Digital - August 2020 Newsletter

Google Maps Profiles Get Interesting As Google Integrates Social Features

Google has always tried on creating a social media platform that will generate the same or even more buzz than FaceBook, Instagram, etc. In what proves to be yet another shot at creating a social media platform that will gain adoption, Google has started introducing the all-new social profiles within Google Maps.

OnMax Host Digital - August 2020 Newsletter

Google Is Rolling Out ‘Google Screened’ Local Service Ads To More Businesses

Google’s Local Service Ads, is nothing but locally focused simplified pay per lead program, available for specific industries. Businesses need to go through a screening process where they will be submitting their insurance, license, certification, and degree details. Then they conduct a background check to verify the documents submitted by the business are accurate, and the company is in good standing of all the above.

Also, the business must have a verified Google My Business listing with a review score of 3.0 or higher.

As soon as all the necessary processes are over, the business is approved and brought into Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) dashboard allowing your brand name to show up in the coveted LSA Carousel:

Google has been offering two different types of Local Service Ads (…).

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