October 2020 Newsletter

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The pandemic is here and most of the western countries are experiencing a resurgence of and increase in numbers of infected people. Many countries, such as France, have imposed new lock down measures. This is particularly challenging for businesses. There are things that businesses can do to stay connected with their customers and conduct business online. In our October 2020 Newsletter, we provide some new updates on what is taking place in the industry. Go ahead and download your FREE copy today.
OnMax Host Digital - October 2020 Newsletter - Remote Worker With A Mask

OnMax Host Digital October 2020 Newsletter

Well. Congratulations to all of us. We have just participated in what some have referred to as a sacred duty of choosing the next President and Vice-President of the United states. It is our prayer and hope at OnMax Host Digital that businesses will continue to find opportunities to unleash our creativity and innovate new solutions to the needs of our customers.

In this world of Social Distancing forced upon us by the novel Coronna Virus, the Internet is already playing and will play even a much greater role to connect people around the world. There are increasingly more activities on the Internet, which makes the web quite a crowded place with stiff competition for a limited number of eye balls. This forces creators to devise new strategies for winning the loyalty of ever shifting audience.

At OnMax Host Digital, we publish a Monthly Newsletter with what we consider important updates and news from around the industry. Our aim is to help businesses make quick strategic and tactical decisions on the move. Here are the topics in this latest edition of our Newsletter:

OnMax Host Digital - October 2020 Newsletter

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Hal On'Untu Ngoy

Hal On'Untu Ngoy

Hal On'Untu Ngoy is a Digital Transformation Expert. Apostle, Revolutionist, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Motivator, Strategist, Mentor, Business Owner, Author, and Teacher. My passion is to see people mature to their fullest potential, as Sons of God, displaying the full wisdom of God.

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