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New Website Development Trends for 2019

Website Development Trends for 2019 And Beyond

Today, I am sharing emerging website development trends for 2019 and beyond to help you understand what you need to implement in order to achieve your goals online. Whether you are a web designer or developer or simply a website owner, you must be aware of these trends.

Today, the Internet plays a central role in everything we do. If you are in business or have an idea to promote and build, then you must be interested in what is taking place on the Internet. There are billions of people online every hour with over 2 billions websites on the Internet with hundreds of thousands more being created every day. On the other hand, the Internet is changing and expanding every day. And you may be thinking of launching a blog or website, or you may have a website or blog and you may suddenly begin to wonder how you will be able to be visible, stand out to be found by the right people you want to reach.

My goal in this article is to provide you with a list of the latest website development trends for 2019 and beyond that you need to implement in your website or blog in order to remain relevant and current. If you want to really grow your presence online, you must adopt a forward-looking approach in order for you to always be ahead of the game in such a highly competitive environment.

As you read the rest of this article, please provide your input by sharing your ideas so that others may learn from you. Feel free to ask your questions and comments below. This Internet of Things needs everybody’s contribution in order for all of us to benefit.

The focus must be on providing the best user experience on your website. As you plan your new website or think of improving your existing website, your thinking must be user experience first. And you must take advantage of emerging technologies in order to build viable web solutions that will make you stand out and increase your chances of visibility and find-ability.


OnMax Digital - Website Development Trends 2019


This is now the first factor search engine consider when testing your online presence. Use current technologies to improve user access and interaction with your website. This improvement in the usability of your website on mobile devices determines how satisfied users are, which in turn will keep them coming back. Since 2015, Google began testing websites for their mobile-friendliness as a top ranking factor. They are even issuing a Mobile Friendly Label on websites that are in compliance.

As of today, it is estimated that about 51% of Internet users are using mobile devices for searching the Internet, transacting business, reading content, searching for directions, etc.

As of early February, Adobe issued a report stating that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) account for about 7% of all web traffic. This means that there is a lot to be done by web publishers to keep up with the growing trends for mobile usage.


OnMax Digital - Web Development Trends 2019 - Bots


It is possible that have encountered and interacted with a bot (Robot) when calling a business or visiting a website. And now, we are witnessing an increase in their use on websites and social media interactions. This use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly efficient. Bots (or chatbots) are becoming more and more the norm on websites across the Internet. Bots are used more and more to as auto-responders to provide website visitors with quick information and as a guide around a website to help visitors find what they need.

And as machine learning is becoming more efficient, the bots are playing a role in routing visitors to live individuals. The bots will continue improve their abilities to communicate with humans to improve the user experience on your website.

Chatbots are helpful with basic Support tasks, even Sales process. They can lead your website visitors to a desired destination on your website and can even be configured to provide answered to questions. At OnMax Digital, we are experimenting with Chatbots on Social Media to guide the conversation and lead the visitor to the right destination on our website where the visitor can complete the buying process without speaking with a human agent. Now, we are also experimenting with using Chatbots in ads with the ability to offer product options, product types, and help the visitor to complete the buying process. They also have the capacity to immediately forward the website visitor to a LIVE Agent. This is fantastic.


The use of PWA started to become more and more known starting in 2015. Most of us are aware and use Mobile Apps on our smart phones. These PWA load like websites, but they load instantly thanks to progressive enhancements that emphasize core web page content first.

PWAs are user friendly and hassle-free.  They load fast and reliable and safe because they are served over HTTP.


Java is a language that helps build dynamic web apps. JavaScripts are highly adaptable and offers web developers a preferred framework for building responsive websites that are clean and robust.


Motion UI is a library that enables developers to create seamless transitions effects on the user interface. It includes animated charts, beautiful headers, animated backgrounds, hovers, etc. It enables developers to animate content even if they lack a solid foundation in JavaScript or JQuery libraries.

One of the great benefits of Motion UI is that it gives the developer the ability to tell a visual story through the use of a variety of tools that are simple and intuitive. With proper implementation and creativity, it can be instrumental in increasing user experience satisfaction and lead to higher conversion rates on your website.


You may have had a conversation with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Or maybe you were riding in a car and watched the driver obtaining driving assistance from these robots. More and more, people are talking to their smart phones to obtain the information they need, rather than type their searches. Voice search is not one of the major trends and by 2020, it is projected that it will surpass text-based searches.

More than 55% of teenagers and over 44% of adults are now using the voice search features on their devices. So, it is time for you to consider incorporating the voice search feature to enhance the mobile responsiveness of your website. Today, about 20% of mobile searches are done using the voice search feature. It is therefore not too early for you to begin planning to implement this feature on your website or blog.


OnMax Digital - Web Development Trends 2019 - Cybersecurity


Many people, including those who want an e-Commerce website do not always appreciate the need for cybersecurity. Even if you are not selling anything on your website or accepting payments, cybersecurity is a must for every website.

The growing incidents of data breaches and other cyber crimes should put everybody operating on the Internet on high alert. If your website visitors become victims of cyber crime on your website, you could face financial liabilities for failing to implement security to protect their personal information.

While most of the reports of cyber crimes in the media affect large businesses such as banks, a small website or even a personal blog can just as much become a target of cyber crimes. Imagine what your website visitors will do if their identity and other personal information were stolen from your website?

Even though it may sound like a daunting task to secure your website, we, at OnMax Host can help. Our Website Security can help prevent thefts of data during transmission with our various SSL Certificates and prevent cyber attacks with our Website Security tools.


Typography is not always on the list of things that people actively think about and plan for while embarking on a website project. The reason why we see more and more types of letters and typography collections made available is because typography can enhance your brand. The typography used on your website tells the site visitors a lot about your business.

The types and styles of letters used on your website must be considered with great care because they have the ability to make your website more user-friendly, more attractive, and more interactive.


One picture can tell a story better than a thousand words. Images, illustration, fonts, and forms are useful for making a website more user-friendly and interactive. They have the capacity to tell your Brand Story much more effective by amplifying what you have written with visual content. This is therefore a growing trend in web development.

It is therefore not enough to simply place any image on your web page. The illustration must be carefully selected. The size, colors, and positioning of the illustration must be well calculated to amplify the right message.


OnMax Digital - Web Development Trends 2019 - Analytics


The word ‘Analytics’ may scare some people, but in lay man language, this has to do with understanding Internet User Behavior. You must build your website with the ability to monitor, collect, and analyze the footprints left by web visitors, both on your specific website and on the Internet in general.

As competition is becoming increasing stiff on the Internet, your ability to gather this intelligence and draw the hidden insights will become key to devising a working and successful digital strategy for your business. OnMax Digital provides you with a user-friendly and hassle-free Dashboard to enable you track various patterns of user behavior to enable you develop the type of user experience that your audience needs in order to keep coming to your website, take the necessary action and therefore increase your conversion rates.

OnMax Digital is already working and implementing concepts such as Real-Time Web apps, Google Map Integration, Minimalist Design, Image-Related Improvements, and functional programing into our website design and development process.

I have already mentioned the integration of JavaScript Framework into our web development process to build next-generation websites and web apps. We are continuing to do research in order to stay ahead of the curve to give you a competitive edge – remaining pro-active rather than reactive on the highly competitive marketplace.

When I started writing about website development trends for 2019 and beyond, my goal was not to write a full list. There are many things that I can mention and explain. But I will write more on this topic. The list above is certainly not exhaustive. I just wanted to share some of the tools that I believe are important. I will continue to write on this topic. Again, I am inviting your comments, questions, ideas because our goals at OnMax Digital is to help you be successful online.

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  1. Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon so far. However, what about the bottom line? Are you certain in regards to the source?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your input. We are following the trends. The digital space is very dynamic. It can change at any time, rendering all predictions from just a week or month ago obsolete instantly. It is therefore important to stay tuned. Take for instance, Google changes its search engine algorithms several times a day. Most people are not even aware of that and yet they are affected by those changes. We work hard to keep up with new developments and then share what we observe on our blog and other channels. I always invite others to come join the conversation, share your own take on it, and then we34 all go back and gather more data, conduct more research, etc. Please consider subscribing to this blog. You may also want to check our YouTube Channel by clicking the YouTube Icon in the footer section of this page. We are also now starting to publish regular videos to discuss these changes on a more regular basis. And feel free to share your thoughts. Again thank you.


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