Pro Managed WordPress Hosting

Manage multiple WordPress sites with our free tools.

  • Handle hours of maintenance with just a few clicks.
  • Works with all web hosting companies – free
  • Included with OnMax Host’ free Pro Tools


OnMax Host - Pro Manage WP (550X306)

Key Pro ManageWP Benefits:

Pro Manage WP is a powerful platform that enables you to spend less time managing, and more time designing and building your business.

OnMax Host - Pro Manage WP Update all the sites

Update all your websites from one place!

Are you tired of logging into dozens of control panels every day to maintain all your clients' websites? With Pro ManageWP, you can access all your WordPress® websites from a single dashboard. And even better yet, you can apply core, theme or plugin updates to all your websites at once. From one place, with one click. And you can even ignore or deactivate updates in bulk.

Get an executive report for each websites!

You can now show clients that you’re managing their site like a Pro. Our free reporting feature allows you to easily provide every client with an executive summary of their website, so they know that it’s running great – and that they have you to thank for it.

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Additional Pro ManageWP Features:

If you use the same email and account credentials to set up your OnMax Host Pro ManageWP, we will automatically link your existing account to our dashboard and your data will come over.

You can use the Pro Manage WordPress Dashboard to perform free bulk updates, reporting and basic maintenance for as many WordPress sites as needed, whether they’re hosted at OnMax Host or somewhere else. If your websites are hosted with us, they will get hosted sites get backups, cloning, migration and uptime monitoring at no charge. Otherwise, the following features are paid. Please contact our 24/7/365 Support Team at 480.624.2500 for more details.

Pro Manage WordPress features that are paid:

  • Cloud backups.
  • Cloning.
  • Site Migration.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Branded Reports.
  • Automated Security Checks.

Staging Site

Stage before you show

No domain, no problem. Stage your website with one click and start creating your website with one of our temporary domains.

Test features and plugins and code before you go live. The staging site enables you to make changes to your existing website. Then swap your site later with the real domain.

Backups & Restore

Nightly file & database backups

Nightly file and database backups are kept for 30 days. One-click restore is available any time. This provides you with flexibility as well as 30 days of your site files and databases to be restored at any time with just one click.

The back-ups are done automatically. You do not need to do a thing.

Keep Hackers Away

Extra Security

You get the security of a personal bodyguard. Every Managed WordPress site is guarded by powerful 24/7 security – intrusion detection, brute force login protection, DDOS mitigation and a few other WordPress-specific security measures. Plus, our Ultimate Plan includes SiteLock for vulnerability scanning and malware removal.

Ready To Scale

We Have Your Resources

With OnMax Host Digital Managed WordPress Hosting, your website lives on a platform of hundreds of clustered servers to ensure that your website always runs at top speeds.

Our plans give you visitors’ overage protection. Never worry of your website ever going down. This ensures your business success. Your business can grow seamlessly with us.

Migrate Your Existing Site

One-Click Migration Tool

With our mighty website auto-migration feature, you can migrate your WordPress website with just one-click of your mouse from one hosting account or company to OnMax Host Digital (and vice-versa).

Our WordPress Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team is available 24/7/365 to walk you through the process if you need help.

Built For Performance

Optimized For Speed

Host your WordPress website on the platform built expressly to optimize WordPress Websites performance, with high-performance coolness features such as load-balanced servers and SSD drives.

Load balanced servers, multiple caching layers and SSD drives for files and databases – all customized to make your site load fast.