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Local SEO Strategies For Your Business Growth

To generate leads, build your brand, establish credibility, increase your revenue & profitability, and grow your business.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services Connect You With Real Local Customers

OnMax Digital Local SEO Services help you build your Brand, establish credibility, connect with your target audience and customers, generate leads and sales, increase your revenue and grow your business. In addition, if you have a local business, then you want to be found on Google Maps, in the Google Snack-Pack also called Google 3-Pack as well as in organic search results. So, our strategy includes Google My Business and Google Maps Optimization

We help get your business found

OnMax Host Digital Local SEO helps rank your local business in Google, Bing, Apple Maps, and other local search engines to increase traffic to your website and grow your business. For more information, please call OnMax Host Digital SEO Team at +1 (888-970-1265 or chat with us (see blue button on lower right hand corner of the screen or call the “Call Me Back” orange button on the right.

Local SEO Plans & Prices

OnMax Host Digital Local SEO Services make it possible for businesses to compete online by placing their websites higher in local search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Why is it important to rank higher in search engine results page? Well, more than 90% of consumers search online before making a buying decision. OnMax Host Digital Team helps your website rank higher, beat your competition, and drive more sales to your website. Our ultimate goal is to turn your visitors into customers on your website.

Local SEO Starter

Local Startup with low budget
$ 299
00 Per Month
  • 1 Keyword Category
  • 5 Target Keywords
  • 25 Trackable Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Locally Relevant Content Writing
  • Editorial Content
  • Local Citation Building

Local SEO Value

Double the workload of “Local Starter
$ 469
00 Per Month
  • 2 Keyword Category
  • 10 Target Keywords
  • 50 Trackable Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Locally Relevant Content Writing
  • Editorial Content
  • Local Citation Building

Local SEO Silver

$ 649
00 Per Month
  • 3 Keyword Category
  • 15 Target Keywords
  • 75 Trackable Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Locally Relevant Content Writing
  • Editorial Content
  • Local Citation Building

Local SEO Gold

Competitive Level Local SEO plan
$ 859
00 Per Month
  • 4 Keyword Category
  • 20 Target Keywords
  • 100 Trackable Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Locally Relevant Content Writing
  • Editorial Content
  • Local Citation Building

Local SEO Platinum

Competitive Level Local SEO plan
$ 1099
00 Per Month
  • 6 Keyword Category
  • 30 Target Keywords
  • 150 Trackable Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Locally Relevant Content Writing
  • Editorial Content
  • Local Citation Building

All plans include a FREE Dashboard, Website Form Lead Tracking, a Review Widget to get more positive reviews, Automated Weekly and Monthly Reporting, Customer Support via Email, Chat, and Phone

Research shows that over 90% of all local purchases take place in local physical stores and that over 80% of all disposable income is spent within 20 – 25 miles of home. OnMax Host Digital will work with you to establish a Local SEO Strategy and implementing tactics that helps you achieve your business goals.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

It has been said that all business is local. And Google proximity-based search technologies have changed the SEO game completely. Today, Google Algorithms are capable of locating a searcher’s geographic location. As a result, the search engines deliver to the users search results based on the geographic location of data. So, when potential customers are searching for information, products of services, search engines will display to the user answers from a business that is within the geographic proximity of the searcher. The business with the best optimized answers will be listed at the top of the search results. If your business is not optimized for local, you will not be displayed by search engines and you will be invisible to the searchers. Your competitors will be too happy to take those customers. Contact OnMax Host Digital Local SEO Experts today for assistance.
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Local SEO 3
  • Some researches have found that over 90% of people use the Internet for search for information, products and / or services locally.
  • Over 50% of Mobile users will visit a local business within a day of searching and finding that business during their search on their mobile device.
  • An elegant, responsive and user-friendly website has been mentioned as one of the factors that nudged searchers (over 35%) into making the purchase. As a result, local businesses that have a website are more likely to be contacted and visited by potential buyers (about 32%).
  • Over 78% of local mobile searchers reported that they visited the business they found during their mobile search and made the purchase. Your local SEO Strategy must be multi-channel in order to remain visible to the searcher during all the touch-points throughout the customer's journey.

Will your website deliver your Brand Promise In 2020 And Beyond?

The Internet is rapidly expanding presenting new opportunities and challenges for your business. Your website must be continually refreshed to stay relevant and continue to deliver your Brand Promise to grow your business. The website that worked yesterday and today may not work tomorrow. Let us provide you with an ongoing visibility to the real health of your business performance online through our 32-point SEO Audit and ongoing monitoring with our customer facing dashboard.

SEO & Analytics - Reporting

Client Facing Dashboard

It has been said that flying an airplane without a dashboard will certainly lead to a crash. The same thing is true for your business. The OnMax Host Customer Reporting Dashboard provides our clients with reporting on your unique KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to help you make critical decisions on a daily basis. Reports in this dashboard are customized to meet your specific needs. Our Experts are also available to answer your questions and help you navigate through the dashboard. If you are an existing client, go to OnMax Host Digital Customer SEO Reporting Dashboard to log into your dashboard.
OnMax Host Digital Client Reporting Dashboard

Request A Free SEO Audit

Request your FREE SEO Audit today. Our 32-point SEO Audit provides you with a report on your business KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to show you how your online performance compares to your business goals and benchmarks. We will provide you with the report and a FREE 1 Hour Consultation to discuss the report.

More ways to showcase your business

In order to truly maximize the benefits of Marketing in the Digital Age, you can not only focus on organic search results on major search engine organic and paid searches. Today, successful businesses are implementing a multi-channel marketing approach in order to meet their audience at every touch-point on the customer journey. And a major portion of the customer journey today includes Social Media. Visit the links below to learn more about all our Marketing In The Digital Age offerings. For more information, please call +1 (888) 970-1265 or chat with us (see blue button on lower right hand corner of the screen or call the “Call Me Back” orange button on the right.

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Facebook Ads

Our Facebook Ads Management Plans. Choose from, whether you are a startup or a rapidly growing business & every budget.

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SMO Plans

Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) plans help businesses scale by optimizing opportunities offered by Social Media.

Local SEO 6

SMO Add-Ons

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Add-Ons are one time services intended to set up & prepare your social media profile for marketing.

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Amazing Designs

Do you need help designing your WordPress Online Store? We can help with our amazing web designs.

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We provide the full social media marketing (optimization) package, from profile creation, artwork creation, content sharing and engagement, etc.

Your choice of Social Media platforms to promote your business will depend on your business, your goals, and the target audience that you are seeking to reach. It is however safe to say that you will need to be present on most of the presently available platforms, but your strategy will always depend on your business goals.

Good, high quality and relevant content is the key to improving your SEO Score. Content is what provides search engine users the answers they are looking for. The quality of your content therefore is the primary factor in ranking in SERPs.

At OnMax Host Digital, we only implement the right and ethical SEO techniques to build your business online. We do not promise to boost your business overnight. Good SEO takes time to produce results. Many factors determine your ability to boost your business online, including external factors such as your industry, competition, the economic situation  as well as internal factors (your website technical design, content quality, business operations, etc.).

Print is not dead. We do not anticipate print to be dead, at least not in the forseable future.

Our best advice to a newbie is, “Learn, learn, and learn!” Digital Marketing is vast. Eventually, you will need to choose an area in which you want to specialize. This is a big challenge for startups and small businesses.

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Success is a relative concept. It all depends on the goals of each client. But our overall success rate is over 90% on average.