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Instagram was created in 2010 and it has grown so rapidly that as of 2019, it has over 1 billion active monthly users and half a million Instagram story every day. It is also estimated that 60% of adults who use the Internet also use Instagram, with 35% of those in the United States – 80% of Instagram App users are located outside the US. Eighty percent (80%) of Instagram users follow at least one business profile (there are 25 million Instagram business profiles) and over 70% of them claim they purchased an item they saw on an Instagram Ad.

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Your Instagram Strategy:

OnMax Host Digital Social Media Experts are here to help you define am Instagram Marketing Strategy that works for your unique brand. Here are some areas that you must pay attention to:

  • Set your Instagram Marketing Goals: Like with everything else, setting goals will help you determine what you do and how much you do it. Why are you on Instagram? What are you seeking to accomplish? Is it brand awareness, or lead generation, or both?
  • Optimize Your Instagram Presence For Increased Engagement: Your profile need to be fully optimized. The first step is to convert your profile into a business profile. Then you need to define your creatives (your hashtags and biography). This gives your visitors an idea of who you are.
  • Create Relevant Content For Your Targeted  Audience: Through market research, you have determined who your best customer is. Now, you need to post content that relevant to them. This is content that captures their attention and draws them to your brand. Invest time in research to succeed with content marketing.
  • Define Content Publishing Strategy: Your content publishing strategy includes the frequency and timing of your content posting. Our algorithms will help determine the best day and time to post and produce the maximum impact. If you are using multiple social media platforms, consider cross-publishing. Also learn about the best way to use captions.
  • Promote Your Instagram Presence For The Long Term: Just as with your overall digital marketing strategy, remember that organic results do not show up instantly. You need to be consistent, and remember that organic results may take some time to produce. Aim for the long term.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy from Brands they follow on Social Media. Investing Brand Awareness on Social Media is therfore a must for businesses and brands of all types and sizes.

Instagram Analytics & Ads Campaign

Instagram does not have an integrated analytics platform like Facebook. At least not yet. You can see a limited report that shows follower growth, impressions, Instagram Spend, engagement on ads campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager. OnMax Host Digital proprietary SEO and Social Media Dashboard provides you with an ongoing monitoring and regular performance reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

We also provide Instagram Ads Campaign Management, which includes:

  • Access to proprietary social media dashboard
  • Campaign setup and management on Instagram plus banner creation
  • Weekly reports and monthly Social Media performance reports
  • Call, chat and email support with professional support team
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Instagram Optimization Marketing Plans

Our Instagram Optimization Marketing Plans are designed to provide maximum possible impact for every budget and every needs. They come with no set up fees and you can cancel at any time. Click on the plans below to learn more. For more information, please call +1 (877) 728-2172 or chat with us (see blue button on lower right hand corner of the screen or call the “Call Me Back” orange button on the right.

SMO Instagram Ads Campaign Basic Plan


The SMO Instagram Ads Campaign Basic Plan is ideal for businesses that want to build their brands on the fastest rapidly growing social platform – Instagram. We will also set up the campaign, providing with 8 banners/month

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SMO Instagram Ads Campaign Basic Plan


The SMO Instagram Ads Campaign Basic Plan is ideal for businesses that want to build their brands on the fastest rapidly growing social platform – Instagram. We will set up the campaign. We will also provide 8 banners per month

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Social Media Add-On Services

The following Social Media Add-On Services are provided to offer businesses and individuals an A La Carte Menu for one-time services such as account profile creation, biography, and artwork. If you need a menu item that is not on this list, please contact our Social Media Optimization Marketing Experts.

Social Profile Creation

We would be creating Social Media Profiles for the business as it is one of the best means to get engaged with the audience

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Social Profile & Bio Creation

We would be creating Social Media Profiles for the business and also would be writing the short summary about the business.

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Social Profile – Bio – Artwork

We’ll create Social Media Profiles for the business, writing the short summary about the business and also creating an appealing banner.

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SMO – Exclusive Business Posts Plans

These add-ons are for businesses, organizations, and individuals who desire to publish regular business-related posts to their channels. Maintaining a steady stream of fresh posts in your Social Media Channels is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, build your community, drive traffic to your website, and get more opportunities.

Standard Business Posts Plan

Ideal for businesses who want to share business-related posts related to their business, products and services to keep their Social Media Channels up to date with regular fresh content.

Total posts: 5 Business posts. (US$89.99/month)

Premium Business Posts Plan

Ideal for businesses who want to share posts exclusively related to their business and services on the Social Media Channels to increase the visibility of their brand and to engage with their customers.

Total Posts: 10 Business posts: (US$179.99/month)

Social Media Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs Section provides commonly asked questions. But if you have a question that is not already answered here, or if you need help / support with our Social Media Marketing Services, call the OnMax Host Digital Social Media Management Experts at +1 (877) 728-2172 (Monday – Friday 9 am through 7 pm CST) during our regular working hours. You may also chat with our Team directly from this website by clicking on the blue button on the lower right hand side on this website or by going to The OnMax Host Digital Chat during our regular business hours.

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