How To Start A Blog In 2021

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It is the Pandemic. In this article, I want to show you how to start a blog in 2021. A lot of people are isolated during this lockdown. It is reasonable to expect that the pandemic is affecting people differently in different places around the world. While you are locked down, I encourage you to reach deep within. This is the time to unleash the creativity in you that you never had time to bring out. This is the time for story telling. Share your story. And learn from other’s stories. My goal is to encourage and inspire people around the world to tell their stories and connect them to others who are waiting to read them. If you have a business idea, this is the right time to launch it. New businesses have been launched during times of crisis in the past that are now multi-million dollar ventures today. Tell your story. We will be here to help you along the way.
OnMax Host Digital - How To Launch A WordPress Blog In 2021

How To Start A Blog In 2021

A number of people have asked me to explain to them how to start a blog in 2021. I am writing this article to provide the technical steps you need because I know that there are many more out there who need this information.

But before I get to the technical stuff, let's examine the landscape in which we are today with the pandemic and lockdown. As the COVID-19 Pandemic enters its third wave around the world, many western countries are reporting increasing numbers of sick people. This increase is the result of people being frustrated with the lock down and isolation. So, they started going out and and neglecting the prevention measures such as wearing face masks and respecting social distancing recommendations. Many other people are just restless in their houses. I believe that there are many who are also taking advantage of this situation and digging down deep into their creativity.

I grew up in Africa. My father was an excellent story teller. His life style resembled a lock down. At least, after work, he always came straight home. I do not remember him going out or spending time with friends outside our home. In fact, for most of us, growing up, we did not have too many opportunities to do things outside the home. There was no internet and we did not even have a television set in the house. Very few people did. We were in a natural lock down. So, we would sit outside in front of our house. Then he would come outside, tell us stories. We would laugh. I still miss those moments. In my own lock down working from home, I have had an opportunity to remember my father and his story telling.

One of the positive side effects of this COVID-19 Pandemic is that more people are embracing entrepreneurship, either out of necessity to earn money, or they are bringing out the creativity that they never had an opportunity to tap into. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to unleash the wealth stored within you.

A number of people have asked me to help them launch their ideas online. So, in this article, I am sharing with you how to start a blog during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. At OnMax Host Digital, we are committed to identify and help creators around the world bring their stories online and connect with billions of people around the world. So, what is your story? Let's take it to the web.

We want to build a community of bloggers around the world who are interested in telling their stories of life during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We are providing the support and and assistance to those who need it to help you get your blog up and take it to the world. If you are interested, consider joining the conversation in the Comments Section at the bottom of this article.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

Types Of Blogs

Blogging is a very creative and attractive activity. It offers a very creative way to share your perspective on what is happening and a variety of topics with an audience around the world. The opportunities are therefore just as diverse as the many different things you can write about. Your focus must be on adding value for your readers, releasing your passion rather than just focusing on income.

Before I can describe how to start a blog in 2021, I want to provide a list of different types of blogs for you, with a brief summary of each type. The first decision you need to make is whether you just want to publish your ideas for fun or whether you want to earn an income from your blogging. This is called monetizing your blog. Each type of blog targets a different audience. You will also need to know who your audience is and what type of blog is best for reaching them. This is called a niche.

If your main motive is profit, then you need to choose the most profitable niche and a topic that you are qualified to write about and are passionate about. You can pursue your passion and also make money doing it. Blogging offers you that wonderful opportunity. Even if your motive is not financial gain, you can still impact the world with your ideas and perspectives.

Below, I am sharing a number of popular blog types. However, this list is not exhaustive. To be successful, it is suggested that you chose one type and focus on it. In other words, choose your niche careful. It is advised that you conduct a thorough research before choosing your niche.

  • Personal Blog
  • Professional Blog
  • Corporate Blog
  • Movie Blog
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or How-To Blogs
  • Case Study Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Finance Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Politics Blog
  • Religion Blog
  • Current Events
  • Movies Blog
  • Writing Blog
  • Science Blog
  • Mental Health

  • Sports Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Books Blog
  • Travel Blogs
  • News Blog
  • Computer Games Blog
  • Health Blog
  • Cars Blog
  • Mom Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Pets Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Parenting Blog
  • Entertainment Blog

Once you have chosen your blog type or niche, it is important to prepare your content plan and strategy. You will also need to create your Editorial Calendar. Some decisions must be made at this stage: Do you want guest posts on your blog? What is your content distribution strategy? How many blog authors are involved in content creation? Establish your style.

Choose Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your web address. For many years, there has only been six domain extensions to choose from. Today, we have hundreds of new domain extensions to choose from. Your domain name is made of two parts: yourblogname.EXTENSION. The first part of your domain name is critical. You can use either your blo primary keyword or your brand name. Then choose the right domain extension. Traditionally, the .COM is the most popular TLD. You can also choose the .ORG depending on the nature of your blog.

The new domain extensions available can also help you add more specificity to your domain name. They generally industry-specific domain extensions that help make your domain name stand out quickly. For instance, .MARKETING would be an ideal domain extension if your blog is about marketing. The .FASHION is great if your blog is about fashion. Great domain names make great blogs. Go to Domain Names and Domain Registration for more information.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Launch A WordPress Blog In 2021

Choose Your Blogging Platform

Choosing your blogging platform is very important as this decision will affect your blog performance for the rest of the life of your blog. It is important to choose a blog platform that offers flexibility, scalability, and comes out of the box SEO ready and is offers a strong foundation for the security of your blog.

There are a multitude of platforms available on the market. Your choice should take certain key factors into consideration: (a) Simplicity of set-up, customization, and functionality; (b) The cost; (c) Security and Reliability. Of all the platforms available, I recommend WordPress. It is free, secure, and powers over 35% of the web. In addition to that, there are over 50,000 plugins available to help expand the functionality of your blog.

With WordPress, you can start small and grow. There is no limits to how much your can expand. There are thousands of WordPress Themes. There are themes for every type of business, ideas, art studio, online store, educational institution, and many more. You can change your theme at any time and you can also migrate your blog from one hosting to another provided they offer WordPress Hosting. Migrating your blog or website to OnMax Host is simple, easy and it is free.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

Create Amazing Content

Content Is King! It is what you are blogging about. It is the story you are telling. No matter the type of blog you choose, there will thousands of other blogging writing about similar topics already online. You will be competing with them for the attention of the same audience.

In order to be successful, you need to create content that is unique, compelling and better. Your content must answer the questions of your audience adequately. In other words, create content that demonstrates Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. Search engine algorithms evaluate several factors to determine the quality of content published on the web, then rank it accordingly in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Create Headlines that are compelling and grab the attention of readers.
  • Organize your content with sub-headers
  • Include bullet point lists.
  • Include images.
  • Write a well-written introduction that grabs the attention of your readers and compels them to keep reading.
  • Include your keyword(s) in your content and headers.

Strategy For Creating Great Content

Create a written Content Strategy. According to Content Marketing Institute, 60% of businesses and organizations that have a written Content Marketing Strategy are successful, compared to only 32% of those that do not have a written strategy. Here are five things you need in your Content Strategy:

  1. Set Your Content Goal: Your goal must include the What, How and the Why. Be specific. Just stating that your goal is to get more traffic to your blog is not enough. State how much traffic you want and determine the time frame when that traffic will occur, as well as the conversion rate, etc. If your goals are not specific, you won't be able to measure performance. And you won't be able to create a working strategy.
  2. Research Your Target Audience: Understanding your audience is key to your blog success. Find out who your target audience is, where they hang out, their tastes, their needs, how they love to relate, etc. If your target audience hangs out on Twitter, then you will invest to publish your content on Twitter and in the format and style that is appropriate with Twitter. If they are small children, then you may want to include lots of visual elements, etc.
  3. Create Your Target Audience Personas: This is the profile of your audience. It includes demographic as well as psychographic information. Creating personas helps you have an idea of who your audience is and how to relate to them. You may have different types of personas that you will reach out to differently.
  4. Brainstorm Your Content Topic Ideas & Perform Your Keyword Research: Write down all your content ideas. These are the various topics that you want to write about. Brainstorming topic ideas will be an ongoing process. You will always keep adding to them. Be as narrow as needed and broad enough to give you room for more creativity. And then conduct keyword research to map your content around your keywords.
  5. Define Your Content Format: Based on your topic ideas, define all the content formats that will be appropriate for your audience. Content formats include: written blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

You also need to define the types of content that will meet the needs of your audience. Content types include: interviews, content aggregates, Quotes, content embeds, crowdsourced content, etc. It is advised that you mix these types based on what you are writing about and the goal of your piece of article you want to publish.

Pillars Of Content Quality

The primary quality characteristic of your content is that it meets the needs of your audience. Your content must answer the questions of your audience. At the same time, the content must be able to move your audience to take your desired action. Here are four elements that make a quality content:

  1. Emotion: Define how you want your audience to feel after absorbing your content. People generally take action based on how they feel.
  2. Change or Impact: What impact or change do you want your content to have on your audience after absorbing your content and how will that impact or change advance your brand?
  3. Create Anticipation: Your content need to build anticipation in your audience to cause them to wait for more. Your content needs to make your audience to be on alert for your next content delivery.
  4. Turn Your Audience Into Advocates: Cause your audience to want to share your content with others within their sphere of influence and to advocate for your Brand.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

Choose The Right Hosting Plan For Your Blog

Hosting is key to the performance of your blog. The success of your blog online depends to a large extent on providing your visitors the best user experience when they interface with your blog. You therefore must choose your hosting provider and package very carefully. It is very important to have a good understanding of what you need.

If you are just starting a new blog, you may not need lots of resources. But there are features that your hosting provide must offer, whether you are a beginner with a small and low-traffic blog or a large blog. Understanding these features will help you understand how to start a blog in 2021 and be successful.

  • Security
  • Page Load Speed
  • Technical Support
  • SSL
  • Backup
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Reliability

OnMax Host Digital offers Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. We have plans for beginners as well enterprise-level blogs. We conducted a study to compare our page load speed times and our Managed WordPress Hosting came ahead of five of the industry leaders such as WP Engine, Flywheel, Siteground, etc. Our WordPress Experts are also available 24/7 to help you with all your technical issues. And our Sales team is also available night and day to help you with questions regarding your hosting options.

OnMax Host Digital is a Full Digital Marketing Agency. We therefore are a one stop shop for all your digital marketing. needs. We publish regular blog articles as well as training videos on a variety of topics including how to build a WordPress website or blog, review and recommendations on the latest WordPress tools such as themes and plugins, SEO, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, etc.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting solution means that our WordPress experts take care of most of the technical aspects of your online presence so you can focus on research, creating and publishing your content and connecting with your audience. Read more about all the features of our WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting is not home for blogs alone. it is also home for some pretty big companies. It has enough resources to keep your blog or website running smoothly. And your home-based blog blog can continue to grow with us to a fully blown enterprise WordPress Website.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

Technical Design Tips

What business needs now is design. What design needs now is making it about business

Beth Comstock, SVP GE & Co-Chair, DMI Conference 2011

DMI also defines design this way: "Simply put, design is a method of problem solving. Whether it is an architectural blueprint, a brochure, the signage system at an airport, a chair, or a better way to streamline production on the factory floor – design helps solve a problem." This must apply to your blog or website as well. It is important for you to clearly define the problem you want to solve.

Many people make design decisions impulsively which result in poor performance. Most design decisions are not backed by data or a long-term strategy. Your blog or website design must be value-driven and not be based on emotions. Just looking good is not enough. You must be able to establish short-term and long-term goals that fit within your long-term strategy for your blog.

One of the primary things you want your website to accomplish is to perform well in search engine algorithms, rank high in SERPs and attract high volume conversion rates traffic. But you must not only design for the search engine algorithms. You must primarily design with your users in mind. Your goal is to give them the best user experience throughout their customer journey to conversion and beyond.

At OnMax Host Digital, we emphasize bringing, together, your Brand, Customers; Needs and Business Goals together on your website. Based on your goals, you must ensure that your website design includes certain requires functionalities. Remember that the technical design of your website is one of the key factors that determine the quality of your website, which in turn affects your visitors' user experience.

It's been said that "Content Is King" and Design Is Magnetic!" Your design goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Make sure that your blog is not simply a place for promoting your ideas. It is primarily here for the purpose of solving specific problems or answering specific questions of your audience.

Here are some elements of great website design that will show you how to start a blog in 2021:

  • Simple and easy navigation.
  • Mobile-First Design.
  • Accessibility Design (for people with disability).
  • Remember Privacy Protection.
  • Create Search Friendly URLs.
  • Use Internal Links To Cluster Related Content Together.
  • Optimize Images.
  • Link To High Authority Outside Websites.
  • Make Sure Your Pages & Posts Are Indexed To Search Engines.
  • Get Inbound Links From Other Websites.
  • Ensure Fast Page Load Times & Use CDN.
  • Etc.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

SEO Considerations For Blogs In 2021

The following SEO considerations will help you understand how to start a blog in 2021. Your goal is to publish content and rank high enough for your target audience to find you online. There are more 3.5 billion searches done on Google every day. You must understand SEO considerations in 2021 in order to fully maximize the potential of your content.

Here are ten (10) tips to improve your potential to get more organic traffic to your blog. These tips will help you improve your SEO in 2021:

  1. Integrate and connect your blog to Google Analytics so you can track important metrics on your blog.
  2. Leverage your analytics to learn from your data. Gain insights and improve your blog performance.
  3. Identify pages and posts that are not performing well. Find out the reasons, then improve them. Refresh your content to improve performance.
  4. Conduct Keyword Research. Build content around your primary keyword and related secondary keywords.
  5. Build a diversified backlinks. Get other well-performing blogs or websites to link to your blog. It is advised to create quality content that others will naturally want to link to.
  6. Optimize images, CSS, JavaScripts, etc.. There are many plugins for that purpose.
  7. Include great header tags to target Google featured Snippets. Don't forget to optimize your meta descriptions.
  8. Make sure your blog is design for mobile first.
  9. Make sure your URLs are clean.
  10. Optimize your page load speed times.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. You will need to stay current. Google makes around nine (9) algorithm changes every day. And then, from time to time, they will issue a major update. At OnMax Host Digital, we are always monitoring and working with our partners to gather changes and then publish them on this blog for your sake. We are also here to provide innovative, creative and affordable SEO Services to help bloggers around the world so that they can continue to focus on the task of content creation.

about 16% of queries made in Google each day have never been made before. That means that these are are new opportunities for you to compete and offer them new content. According to WordPress Statistics, there are over 70 Million blogs published daily, and over 2.75 Million Blog Postsare published on WordPress blogs alone. Such statistics may seem quite overwhelming. But if you accept the challenge and go to work, you will be successful. This is the more reason why you must make SEO your friend.

OnMax Host Digital - How To Start A Blog In 2021

Ready To Launch

Passion has led us here. But like I said earlier, this may sound very overwhelming when you are just considering whether to launch your first blog. My advice is always: 'Start!' You will get better along the way. This is a journey. Very few successful bloggers started on the top of the mountain on day one. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn along the way. Unleash your creativity. Your blog is the outlet. Enjoy the journey. Continue to explore and grow.

If your goal is to monetize your blog and earn a living, know that you may not make any money from the beginning. Give yourself time to get good at it. Some of the bloggers who are now doing it full time did not make any money until about five (5) years into it. Make sure you have your strategy written down. Review it and update it regularly. Set goals and create plans, then work your plans.

Write down your topic ideas. Keep adding to them. You may be asking yourself how you will be able to produce quality content on a regular basis. You will have to be involved in research. Set up your editorial calendar and be consistent. Your audience will learn to love your content. They will begin to make time and expect your content. Don't let them down. It is hard work but it is also fun.

You don't have to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity, and you don't have to sacrifice quantity for4 the sake of quality. Strike a balance. I always recommend quality in a consistent quantity. Remember that the more you publish consistently, the better your chances of being found by your target audience.

If you are ready to launch your new blog or if you want to expand your existing blog, we are here to help you. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. I also encourage you to join our Email List and you will be subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter. We will send you tips, ideas, updates and deals to help grow your blog.

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I hope that you have gained some new insights from this article. My goal here was to help you learn how to start a blog in 2021. If you have enjoyed this article, please consider joining the conversation in the Comments Section below. Feel free to enter your email address and name and check the button to receive notifications whenever we publish articles and new activities on this post.

We welcome your suggestions, questions, ideas, tips below. This blog is intended to be a place of conversation for the community of bloggers. And don't forget to share this post with others in your circle.

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Hal On'Untu Ngoy

Hal On'Untu Ngoy

Hal On'Untu Ngoy is a Digital Transformation Expert. Apostle, Revolutionist, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Motivator, Strategist, Mentor, Business Owner, Author, and Teacher. My passion is to see people mature to their fullest potential, as Sons of God, displaying the full wisdom of God.

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    Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it
    was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring
    blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any recommendations for inexperienced blog writers?

    I’d certainly appreciate it.

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      Thanks for stopping by and your feedback. It means a lot to us. First of all, welcome to the Bloggers Club. More and more, Bloggers are adding value in this digital age w in which everybody is turning to the Internet to find answers to their questions.

      Here are a few things that you may want to take into consideration:

      • Choose a topic you are passionate about. You will need to enjoy blogging this way. The greatest reward is found in releasing your passion. I’d say even more than the money.
      • Choose a niche. That will enable you focus your message and that will make you more effective.
      • Research Define the problem(s) you intend to solve or questions you plan to answer. This will enable you target your audience.
      • Once you have defined your target audience, you will know the best way to reach them and the right style for your message.
      • Make a list of several topics you will develop. It is good to have several weeks worth of topic you will develop. That will help you maintain your rhythm of publishing your blog.
      • Define your Editorial Calendar.
      • When you start, do not worry if you are not getting much traffic. Very few people started their blogging with huge traffic. Keep writing and publishing. The truth is the more you publish the better your chances of being found online.
      • You will learn as you do. You do not have to be perfect right away. Again, just start. You will grow and improve as you continue blogging.
      • Establish your blogging strategy.

      I hope these few tips can get you started. Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions. We will be honored to provide the answers.

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    The Branding Matrix

    One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is getting traffic. Would you write a blog just to share more tips about getting traffic to a new blog? I like your idea of building a community of Bloggers In The Pandemic. I think this can help jump start a new blog and. I believe it will be a joy to be a part of the conversation.

    1. f4cf6e37e417f3856eb872a525eda9f8?s=50&d=mm&r=g

      Yes. Getting traffic is a great challenge. That’s why we will be publishing more tips and ideas on how to improve the visibility of your content on the web, build your own audience and improve foot traffic to your blog. As you stay connected here, expect more articles regularly on this blog and via our Newsletter.

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