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Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting With Free WooCommerce Premium Extensions

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OnMax Host Digital - WordPress ECommerce Hosting

The Best WordPress ECommerce Hosting

Everything You Need To Grow Your Online Store in 2021

The OnMax Host Digital Managed WordPress ECommerce Hosting isideal for businesses that want to sell online. Our goal is to help you launch a full featured online store with a fast and simple set up. The Plan makes WordPress more simplified by shortening the learning curve of our users, and making it more accessible as a Content Management System (CMS). We are now committed to delivering your goal of having a website that represents your brand online, with creative design and best user experience.

eCommerce WordPress Hosting

Get a full-featured online store with fast, simple setup.
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited visits per month
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • SEO optimizer
  • SSL certificate
  • 1-click testing site
  • Unlimited malware removal and hack repair
  • Automatic installation of WooCommerce
  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited products
  • Bookings and appointment scheduling
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Free Premium WooCommerce Storefront design themes
  • Free access to over $1,500 of WooCommerce addon extensions
$29.99$24.00 / per month
OnMax Host Digital - Managed WordPress ECommerce Hosting

WordPress Made Easy

Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support is available 24/7/365 to help you.

technical support 24/7

Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support is available 24/7/365 to help you.

Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try us for a month. We are committed to your total satisfaction.

Managed & security

Automated set up and updates. Automatic daily security scan & malware removal.

Will Your Website Deliver Your Brand Promise in 2021?

Because 70% or more of our WordPress customers plan to take payments online, we are committed to providing you with more flexibility and ease of customization to get your website up and running very quickly. We bring the # 1 WordPress ECommerce Hosting – and WooCommerce, the # 1 eCommerce tool through our partnership to give you the best online selling platform.

As a Full Digital Marketing Services Firm, we bring all the tools and expertise needed to help you get off the ground and running: WordPress ECommerce Hosting, WordPress Website Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, etc. All In One Place to help you succeed.

WordPress ECommerce Hosting Features

More Flexibility. More Power. More Speed

WordPress ECommerce Hosting Benefits

4-Step On-Boarding

WordPress Hosting New on-boarding platform comes with hundreds of brand new FREE Premium WordPress Templates.

Guided Process

A new Action Center with step-by-step guidance. We get you started quickly so that you can get your business online.

Free SSL

Free SSL Certificate is Automatically installed and Managed. Free SSL Certificate comes with your active account.

SEO Pre-Installed

Yoast SEO Plugin is the most popular SEO plugin for websites. Pre-installed with core software.

$550 Marketing Credit

FREE Marketing Credits to Google, Yelp & Bing (Up to $550.00 Value).

Automatic Daily Backup

New backups (90 days), with backup schedule & doanloadable content.

Direct File Access

With our New File Manager, you have direct access to your files. No FTP needed.

Unlimited Storage

Enjoy unlimited storage capacity to hold all your online website and store content.

WooCommerce Extensions

FREE WooCommerce, including all extensions ($3,000+ Value per year).

Sell Anything With Free WooCommerce

FREE WooCommerce Add-On Extensions included with our Managed WordPress E-Commerce Hosting Plan (A total value of over $3,000.00 per year). You will also get any new add-on extensions built by WooCommerce. These add-on extensions generally cost a recurring annual fee if ordered directly from WooCommerce. You get them free with our hosting plan.

OnMax Host Digital - Managed WordPress ECommerce Hosting (WooCommerce Premium Extensions)

Pre-Installed Online Store. Sell Online

Our Managed WordPress Hosting comes with WooCommerce, the leading selling tool, pre-installed for you. WooCommerce comes with unlimited product catalog in addition to FREE Premium Addon Extensions representing over $3,000 in savings every year.

The WooCommerce including Advanced Notifications, Memberships, WooCommerce Brands and more. All these come with our Managed WordPress ECommerce Hosting Plan.

Power Up Your Online Store With FREE Premium WooCommerce Extensions (US$3,000 Value)

Shipping Tracking

Provide customers with an easy way to track their shipments. Enable tracking information to appear in emails, the order tracking page and the order view page in their account section.

Advanced Notifications

Set up order and stock notifications for users other than the admin. Notify staff, send new orders to drop shippers or send stock notices to suppliers.

UPS Shipping Methods

Automatically calculate domestic and international shipping quotes for your customers.

Checkout Field Editor

Add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page — including the billing and shipping sections and order notes.

Shopping Cart Add-Ons.

Drive incremental revenue through purchases by suggesting additional items once customers are in the shopping cart.

WooCommerce Bookings

Let your customers book reservations, sign up for classes, appointments or rentals on their own – no phone calls required. Save yourself time and fill up your calendar by letting your site do the work for you.

Product Add-Ons

Differentiate your products by allowing customers to add personalized touches like gift wrapping, color choices, and engrave a message. The add-on ideas are endless.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Create and manage products to build recurring payment streams. Create product-of-the-month clubs, weekly service subscriptions or even yearly software billing packages.

Five Steps Onboarding Process

up to 72% fewer steps to editor than our competitors

We are focused on simplifying your experience of building a website on WordPress. We bring new Premium WordPress Templates with our WordPress E-Commerce Hosting plan, and automating your hosting on-boarding process to 5 steps compared to our competitors, so you don’t have to go around shopping for a compatible WordPress template or figuring out the hosting process. We save you precious time. Check the tables below.

OnMax Host Digital - Managed WordPress ECommerce Hosting

Faster Onboarding Process

More Service Options

OnMax Host Digital - Managed WordPress Hosting

Business Hosting

Enjoy the power of Virtual Private Server (VPS) with flexibility of Managed Service.

OnMax Host Digital - Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Pro

You can host up to 62 WordPress Websites on our Pro Managed WordPress Plan.

OnMax Host Digital - Website Hosting

Amazing Website Designs

Do you need help designing your WordPress Online Store? We can help.

Are You Ready To Start?

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WordPress eCommerce Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Managed WordPress cCommerce Hosting Most frequent questions and answers

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Built on our state-of-the-art hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting from OnMax Host Digital is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments.

More than just a simple install, WordPress is seamlessly integrated to your hosting so the moment you log in, you’re able to build, edit and manage your site. We’ve also modified our servers specifically for WordPress, giving you a level of speed and security you can’t get from a standard web hosting plan.

And of course, our award-winning support is available 24/7 to help with an questions you may have. In short, there’s no easier way to build and manage a fast, secure, reliable WordPress website or blog.

Should I buy Managed WordPress Hosting?

Well ultimately it comes down to how comfortable you are with managing a website. But even if you’ve handled the install process for a WordPress site before, and you know how to update everything on a regular basis, we make managing WordPress easy.

Don’t stress about doing all the heavy lifting and let us do it for you. When it comes down to it, WordPress Hosting just makes your life easier. And isn’t that worth the cost?

What is Managed WordPress used for?

WordPress® is a blog- and web-publishing platform that’s not only easy to use, but recognized the world over as a standard in website creation. With its focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability, WordPress is an open-source platform that lets you manage everything from a small personal blog to a large commercial site with hundreds of pages.

Hundreds of thousands of sites trust their online presence to WordPress — and with WordPress Hosting from OnMax Host Digital, you can, too.

How much does WordPress Hosting cost?

WordPress itself is free. What makes OnMax Host Digital’s Managed WordPress Hosting solution different, is that we handle all that for you. We handle your WordPress installation, sort through updates and keep everything running smoothly, while still ensuring you have wicked-fast speeds.

Can I transfer my WordPress website from my present hosting to OnMax Host Digital?

Yes. You can migrate your site over to OnMax Host Digital WordPress Hosting in just one click. Either move it to your domain name or put it on a temporary domain, then just do a quick review and you’re ready to publish.

Does OnMax Host Digital provide WordPress Hosting support?

Yes. OnMax Host Digital WordPress Hosting Experts are available 24/7 to assist our clients whenever they need help.

What makes OnMax Host Digital Managed WordPress unique?

It doesn’t. When you purchase OnMax Host Digital WordPress hosting account, we automatically install the latest version of WordPress, the same one you’d download from https://WordPress.org.

And anytime there’s an update, we install it for you automatically. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress.

Do I need to set up my database myself?

No. With Managed WordPress Hosting, we take care of everything so the process is as easy as possible for you. Once you’ve purchased your plan, you can immediately create your website or start blogging.

How do I get started after I have purchased WordPress Hosting from OnMax Host Digital?

Not sure how to create a blog or get started creating your site using WordPress? Don’t worry!

Your hosting plan is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, so all you need to do is log in and you can start creating a site directly from your control panel. Not sure how to log in? Check “How can I access my WordPress installation?” below.

And if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning 24/7 support team. Our in-house WordPress experts can guide you through creating, updating or even promoting your website or blog.

How can I access my WordPress installation?

There are several ways to log in to your WordPress website.

Go to OnMax Host Digital, log in to “My Account” and choose WordPress Hosting from your list of products. If you need help, please contact our Managed WordPress Support Team 24/7