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Success Strategy for your business online!

Get ready to break through with tools that build, host, establish your identity on the web! We are committed to your success today and into the future. Your Online Presence Strategy must fit into your overall Business Strategy. It must be at the center of your overall business planning. This can be overwhelming to business owners. So, we offer you everything you need to get online quickly and with less time. The Process simplified!

There are currently over a billion websites on the Internet worldwide, with hundreds more being launched every hour This represents a huge amount of information that people have to sift through. As you can well imagine, all this information is not useful to everyone at every given time.

This represents a real challenge for any website trying to distinguish itself and increase its visibility on the web. Webmasters are therefore required to compete with billions of other websites that also seek to rank higher in search results. In such a competition, every small detail matters. And our new domain extensions are key to solving this puzzle.

Your Internet Strategy must be an integral part of your overall Business Strategy. It is nearly impossible to succeed in any business endeavor without a solid and comprehensive Internet Strategy. This makes your website a powerful Strategic Business Tool. And the new domain name is therefore the heart of this strategy.

This requires you to have a Website Development Plan that starts with your new domain name. When creating your domain name, remember about keywords. Choose a perfect keyword for your domain based on your business. You may need to conduct a research prior to this. You could also contact our Domain Expert to assist you. The new domain extensions open unlimited possibilities that enable you a lot of flexibility.

Our Domain Experts are available 24/7 to speak with you. I encourage you to create a FREE Rica Global Domains Account today. Then start using this account to work with our Experts. You will benefit enormously from their knowledge of and experience with the new domain extensions.

So, take advantage of the hundreds of new domain extensions available to set your website apart with a unique web address using a unique domain extension that is specific to your identity. New extensions are being added monthly.

If you cannot find the domain name you are looking for, work with our Domain Experts. We provide extensive Domain Services that include Domain Back-Ordering, Domain Investor’s Edge, Domain Transfer, to help you accomplish the goals of your web strategy. We will find your dream domain for you. That is our promise.

Tips for creating a domain name with the new domain extensions:

  • Get the maximum identity with your Brand Name.

  • Be correct and prevent misspelling.

  • You must also be original and simple.

  • Come up with a domain name that people can remember.

  • Your new domain name must contain your central business keyword. Keywords are key to being found online. We have a Tool that will guide you step by step in optimizing your website performance online. It will also help generate keywords that help your website.

Unleash Your Creativity & Innovation with OnMax Host New Domain Extensions!

OnMax Host offers everything (all the tools) and the 24/7/365 Award-Winning Support you need to make a name for yourself on the web, from low cost domain names, to Do-It-Yourself Website Builder that is easy, fast, mobile and complete, to Professional Website Design, to Web Hosting that is powerful, lightning fast, reliable and affordable. We also provide Website Security Services to protect you and your customers from viruses, malware and hackers. Rica Global Domains is therefore your straight path to business success.

Your Three Steps From Idea To Reality: Energized by Your Vision!

In today’s business environment, you can no longer afford to deal with your online presence as an after-thought. You must include your website planning within your overall Business Plan. Make it a major part of your business strategy. Contact our Experts. They will be very happy to provide you with free insights into the value of the new domain extensions, and fresh ideas, from your domain name to your online performance, today and into the future. Rica Global Domains is your One-Stop Shop for everything – a Straight path to your success online. And it all starts with the new domain extensions.



Find Your Domain.
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Protect your domain name.



Choose a Hosting Plan.
Remember Web Security.
FREE Hosting Experts 24/7.



Design your website.
Choose DIY Website Builder.
or Pro Custom Website Design.

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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
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Why OnMax Host?

Every business, every Church, every organization, and every individual has the right to have a professional website that makes the right statement about them online 24/7/365. OnMax Host is committed to provide such a website. And it’s affordable.

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