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Overview of OnMax Host Products & Services: Design. Hosting. Branding. Maintenance.

Everything – All the Tools – and the Support You Need to be Successful On the Web
We are making it easy for you to navigate our website and find everything you need fast. This overview only gives you the major Product Categories with a brief description to help you understand each of them. Please visit our OnMax Host Full Product Catalog for a detailed listing of all our Products and Services. Click the following link to Join our OnMax Host Email List and receive our FREE OnMax Host Newsletter, free news and updates, free tips & ideas to help you manage your presence online, and free deals to help you save money.
  • It all starts with a domain!

  • Your domain is your web address, where people find you online. Make it simple, short, catchy, memorable, and specific to you. As soon as you have a vision or idea, turn it into a web address and register it even if you are not ready to launch your business or Church.

    Finding and registering your domain is easier than you think. Choose from hundreds of Domain Extensions to personalize your web address.

  • Get a Great Website!

  • You have a great vision, message, business. Now, get a website that is just as great. Choose our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Builder, from just $1.00/month or let our Pros design a custom website for you.

    Getting a modern, great website is not as difficult and as expensive as you may think. Call our Pro Web Design Team at 1-888-721-3953 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

  • Get a Pro Custom Website!

  • Because you have need to focus on growing your business, let our Custom Website Design Professionals design, host and maintain your website. We will update and keep your website safe from online attacks. We will be your Internet Partners.

    Our Custom Website Design Services are not as expensive as you may think. 1-888-721-3953 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Great Domain Names Make Great Websites

Great domain names from OnMax Host make great websites. Every successful venture starts with a great idea. Whether you are a starter or an existing business, your success lies in your ability to reach the world. A domain name that reflects you is the key. It is your web address, where people come to you online. It is your brand. It is your identity. We are here to help you choose one. So, It All Starts With a Great Domain Name. OnMax Host is your direct path to success online and in business. Our Award-Winning Sales & Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help. Whenever inspiration hits, help is available to assist you make your first and most important step.

  • Flexible Web Hosting!

  • Hosting is what makes your website visible to millions of people who are surfing the web night and day. We have hosting plans that fit every need, from Shared Hosting to Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers for those who need more power.

    Hosting Features include: Money-back Guarantee, automatic daily backups with one-click restore, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and our Award-Winning 24/ Hosting Expert Support.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting!

  • Managed WordPress Hosting is built specifically for WordPress websites. OnMax Host Managed WordPress Hosting makes WordPress sites faster and easier to manage. It is optimized and ready for traffic spikes. You also enjoy automated setup, backups and security updates.

    Whether you are looking for a simple blog or a full-featured website, you have come to the right place. Get a FREE domain and a custom professional now, with no ads.

  • Pro Manage WordPress!

  • Pro Manage WP is a powerful platform that enables website designers to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

    And even better yet, you can apply core, theme or plugin updates to all your websites at once. From one place, with one click. And you can even ignore or deactivate updates in bulk. Our free reporting feature allows you to easily provide every client with an Executive Summary of their websites. This makes you look professional.

Great New Domain Extensions Available For You. Get a Great Specific Web Address Now!

With hundreds of new domain extensions available, and hundred more arriving regularly, you can personalize and make your web address specific to you. Stand out online and draw more traffic to your website. Match your web address to your brand. Unleash the power of your brand through your new domain name.

  • Web Security!

  • For your business to succeed, customers need to trust that you will protect them from viruses, hackers and identity thieves. We keep your site secure, your visitors safe and your business growing.

    Our Web Security covers everything from virus protection to data encryption and more. SSL Certificates use advanced encryption to prevent hackers from reading any data passing through your site. Our Shield Security plans scan your site daily and automatically remove viruses, hacked files and other dangerous or malicious content.

  • Online Marketing

  • You may have the best products or offer the best services. You may have the message for the hour. you may design and build the most beautiful website. But if online visitors are not aware of you and do not know where to find you, your website will not produce any results for you.

    Take advantage of our Search Engine Visibility tool to improve your SEO performance; our Local Business Listing to be visible in local Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other local searches; and our Email Marketing to reach your audience with news updates, promotional news, surveys, etc.

  • Check Our Promotions!

  • We regularly offer promotions to help our clients enjoy our products and services at discounted prices. We also feature products and services from our Business Partners that benefit your business.

    From FREE Domain to our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Builder at $1.00 per month, our Church Website Design, Small Business Website Design, and Website Management Services Promotions, etc. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call 636-497-2511 or chat with us directly on our website. Our goal is to help your business succeed.

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Why OnMax Host?

Every business, every Church, every organization, and every individual has the right to have a professional website that makes the right statement about them online 24/7/365. OnMax Host is committed to provide such a website. And it’s affordable.

Need Help? Call Our Award-Winning Sales & Support Team 24/7/365 at 636-497-2511

Transfer your existing domain to OnMax Host

Transfer your domain to us and enjoy one full year FREE registration. Also, transfer your website to us. We will perform the migration free and also maintain your website for one full year FREE. Call for Free Consultation today: 636-497-2511.