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About OnMax Host

The OnMax Host Solution: Design – Hosting – Branding – Maintenance

Everything – All the Tools – and the award-Winning Support (24/7/365) You Need to be Successful Online. All in one account. Our Mission is to take care of your online presence on a salable platform to help you fulfill your vision today and into the future. We also free up your time so that you may focus on the most important aspect of your business: build products and services that solve your clients’ problems.

The Entrepreneurs & Management Leadership

Hal Ngoy
Hal Ngoy

Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Apostle, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Business Analyst, Marketing Expert, Business Intelligence Analyst.

Princess Leticia Maxwell Ngoy
Princess Leticia Maxwell Ngoy

Co-Founder & Executive President – Apostle, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Analyst, Communication Expert, Executive Producer, Creativity Officer.

OnMax Host is committed to offer individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies all the tools you need to leverage the Internet to impact the world and make a difference by launching your ideas through a dynamic and flexible website. Start with OnMax Host: Reliable website hosting, email, and affordable domain prices. The OnMax Host Solution: Design – Hosting – Branding – Maintenance

OnMax Host is an End Time Apostolic Resource established to gather resources and offer a platform for the release of the heart of our Father – Yahovah – to the nations on the Internet. Profit from this business is invested into the building of the Kingdom of Yahweh. By signing up with our Firm and contracting us to bring solutions to your personal and business needs, you are participating in our commitment to bring revival in the nations.

The Founders of OnnMax Host are committed and involved in Kingdom Entrepreneurship. They are actively involved in investing in community development, education, health, economic empowerment in communities around the world. They are active Global Leaders in Kingdom of God Advancement.

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Princess Leticia Maxwell Missions

Website design, domain name, web hosting

Destiny Apostolic Resource Center

Website design, domain name, web hosting

Lab-Rats Lab-Rats Inc Website

Website design, domain name, web hosting

OnMax Host

Website design, domain name, web hosting

Our Recent Work

For more information, go to Web Hosting to read more about all our hosting solutions. Visit the OnMax Host Product Catalog to learn more about all the tools you need to be successful online.

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Why OnMax Host?

Every business, every Church, every organization, and every individual has the right to have a professional website that makes the right statement about them online 24/7/365. OnMax Host is committed to provide such a website. And it’s affordable.

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Transfer your domain to us and enjoy one full year FREE registration. Also, transfer your website to us. We will perform the migration free and also maintain your website for one full year FREE. Call for Free Consultation today: 636-497-2511.