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Google Maps Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Google Maps Optimization and Google My Business (GMB) are an integral part of the OnMax Digital Local SEO offerings.

Google Maps and Google My Business Optimization is an integral part of our Google Local SEO Services. If you have a local business, then you would like to be found in Google Maps and in Organic Search Results. Whether you are a Barber Shop, Pizza House, Beauty Salon, Dentist Office, or a local restaurant, you want to be strategically positioned on Google Maps because people are increasingly using their mobile devices to conduct search online – including voice search – to find you. When people speak into their phones and ask for “A Barber Shop near me” you want to be listed at the top of the Organic Search Results and to be found on Google Maps with your full contact information so they can find driving directions as well as click to call you, probably while they are driving on the highway. Google Organic Listings account for 33% of clicks on any given search, while the organic search gets about 44% of the clicks.

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization

Benefits of Google Maps Optimization

The most important ranking factors in local searches is proximity. In other words, when someone is searching for a “Dentist Near Me”, Google will provide them a list of dentists in the proximity of the person’s location. However, if your business is set up correctly in Google, your chances of appearing in the search results are high.

Because Google relies on user input, it is very important that your Google properties be set up correctly and also monitored regularly. Let OnMax Host Digital Local SEO Experts help set you up and position you to be found and increase your sales.

Our goal is to help you gain a competitive advantage through research, strategy, design, and management. Contrary to many of our competitors, our Google Maps Optimization services are an integral part of our Local SEO Services Plans. Click the button below to request a FREE Consultation. You may also get a FREE SEO Audit in order to measure your current website’s performance.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is a new tool released by Google recently to help businesses list their profiles online. The tool is free now. Businesses must take advantage of this because we really cannot tell how long Google will keep this tool free. OnMax Host Digital SEO Consultants are available to help you take advantage of this tremendous tool to rank your business higher, increase your visibility and findability, and draw quality traffic to increase volume conversion rates on your website.

The goal of every business must be to strengthen the brand because a powerful brand is the most effective tool businesses have to truly grow their businesses. Google My Business (GMB) comes with a number of elements that will help businesses optimize their presence online.

Read more about Google My Business (GMB) Listing on our recent blog article: “Take Advantage of Google My Business Listing. OnMax Digital SEO Experts help businesses optimize their GMB. Every business should take advantage of this because it is much easier to rank higher in Google search results with the Google My Business Listing than it is with your website.

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization

Prominence. Relevance. Proximity.

OnMax Digital - Google My Business - Google Maps Optimization

In order to rank higher in local search results, Google looks at several factors. Three important are: Relevance, Proximity and Prominence. While you may not be able to chance your proximity, the other two factors are within your control to influence your opportunity to improve your visibility within the 3-pack listing.

Your business has several web properties on the Internet. These properties may include your business website, Google My Business (GMB) page, Social Media pages (such as Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Directory Listings – Yelp, Yahoo! Small Business, Local Yellow Pages, etc.).

Each of these web properties impact your online visibility to various degrees as well as your online business reputation. You therefore need to bring them all into your online marketing strategy in order to bring your digital strategy in line with your overall business strategy. For that, you need the level of data intelligence that only a well configured and executed SEO audit can deliver.

Request Your FREE Local SEO Audit Today

Get detailed business data intelligence from our well configured and executed SEO Audit to help you develop, execute and evaluate your local SEO strategy and performance. Our FREE SEO Audit provides you with the insights you need to make intelligent and strategic business decisions and ensure the growth and success of your business.

Google My Business (GMB) Listing

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization - Google My Business Listing

There is more to the Google My Business (GMB) and Google Maps Optimization than simply entering some information and verifying ownership. Our Local SEO Experts work with you to bring all your web properties to work together to impact your rankings in organic search results and ranking.

Therefore, the Google My Business (GMB) and Google Maps Optimization is part of our Local SEO offering. Whether you are a local business with a single location or one with multiple locations – even a Franchise – we leverage all the elements to help your business dominate the local search landscape in your specific industry.

From keyword research, competitive analysis, choosing the right business categories, writing constructive and relevant content, earning hundreds or thousands of 5-star reviews on multiple review platforms, a well-optimized website, consistent directory listings, image and video optimization, to providing you with a wealth of business insights through analytics to help define, refine, and implement a solid digital strategy for your business.

Customer Reviews Management

Research has revealed that over 90% of consumers check reviews before making a buying decision. Google is now featuring ratings and reviews in Google Search Results. Reviews are increasingly one of the important factors for ranking in search results.

It is therefore crucial for businesses to make it easy for customers to leave reviews. Google My Business Listing is the most effective way to collect reviews and ratings. OnMax Host Digital website developers place a review widget on our clients’ websites. Our customers can receive a regular reports on our Customer Dashboard. You can therefore track the performance of this tool. Contact our SEO Experts for more information on how to take advantage of this tool.

So, go ahead and simply ask your customers for a review. Just make sure that you do so in an ethical manner. We will be publishing a video describing the importance of collecting reviews and how to do it in an effective way.

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization - Reviews

Business Citation Optimization

Your business needs to be listed in several authority directories. These citations mention your business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) at the minimum. We will ensure that these mentions are consistent across all directories because you do not want people to be confused about how to reach you. In addition to that, Google assesses the accuracy and consistency of this data and compares it with the information on your Google My Business (GMB) and website. Any inaccuracies and discrepancies can negatively impact your business’ ranking potential in the 3-pack.

We will perform citation clean-up and also add more citation because both quality and quantity are a ranking factor in Google search results.

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