International Support Phone Numbers

OnMax Host is expanding globally. As a sign of our commitment to our Customer's Total Satisfaction, we are also expanding the localization of our Support System in order to guarantee the best customer experience in the local areas. The Global Sales & Technical Support Contact information provided below is for Hosting and Domains Services and all related services. For Digital Marketing Clients, please see our Digital Marketing Contact Information.

24/7/365 Sales & Support: 02 9355 7493
24/7/365 Sales & Support: (011) 3958 5682
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 844 494 9067 3958 5682
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 09 75 18 7035
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 032 221 094 039
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 1-800-121-0120
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 01 653 5977
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 06 94 80 6014
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 015 4877 0212

24/7/365 Sales & Support: 085 888 3139
New Zealand:
24/7/365 Sales & Support: (09) 975 9409
24/7/365 Sales & Support: (0923) 099 0431
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 65 6349 4259
South Africa:
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 087 550 2198
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 902 84 8316
24/7/365 Sales & Support: 020 3014 1446
24/7/365 Sales & Support: (480) 624-2500

Global Chat Line Available to International Clients

As we continue to grow and expand globally, we localizing our support in countries around the world to give our clients access to Support within their local areas. For clients in countries where we have not yet established a local Support Team, you can still access us via our Global Chat Line and via Email. Our Global Chat is available 24/7/365.

Social Media Marketing - Request A Call

OnMax Host Our Award Winning Support Team are always available by Phone to answer your questions and help resolve your challenges as well as provide all the knowledge, information, advice, guidance on our products and services to help you manage your presence online. Please note the Availability Hours and Support Phone Numbers below for your specific Needs:

Digital Marketing:
SEO Services
Web Design
Social Media Marketing

(314) 624-0820 (US Only)

Office Availability Hours:
9 AM CST (US) - 7 PM CST (US)

Domain Names, Web Hosting:
(480) 624-2500 (US Only)

Office Availability Hours:

Social Media Marketing - Request A Call

OnMax Host Chat Support - Chat with our OnMax Host Assistant. You may just click on the Chat Bot on the lower right side of this screen or go to OnMax Host Chat Online. During Availability hours (9 AM - 7 PM CST (US), our Live Team is available to chat with you.

Our LIVE Team will respond to messages within 24 Business Hours.

At any time during the Chat you always have the option to jump to a Phone Conversation or to send an email or to move to our Knowledge Base.

Please check the links below for more resources to help you with your business. We are fully committed to your total satisfaction and success.

Again, if you are contacting us after Office Hours (9 AM CST - 7 PM CST), we will respond as soon as possible.

Social Media Marketing - Request A Call

Social Media Marketing Email Support - You may also contact our Team of Experts via Email at Attach any supporting documentation to help us understand your request. We will reply to you within the next 24 Business hours.

Please note that our Chat Assistant is available 24/7/365 to attend to you.

Access More Resources Online to help expand your business.

OnMax Host Knowledge Base provides product information, guides and how to for domain names, web hosting, and all hosting related products and services. For Digital Marketing Products and Services, please Chat with our Digital Experts or call (314) 624-0820.

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