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As the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season is already at the door, you may be thinking of getting your business online for the first time or maybe just upgrade your online store. This blog describes both the big and small things that you need to get ready to sell. Take advantage of the OnMax Host Digital WordPress eCommerce Hosting and the power of WooCommerce to build an online store to sell anything you want.
OnMax Host Digital - WordPress ECommerce Hosting

This is the end of October. It is time for you to get your next online store with Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting from OnMax Host Digital. We make it very easy and fast with our 12-Step WordPress Website Go Live process.

The upcoming 2020 Holiday Shopping Season is unique in many ways. The effects of COVID-19 have been felt worldwide. Here in the United States, in the first two weeks of April 2020, the closure of non-essential businesses led to over 26.8 million people filing for unemployment.

Here's how, Heidi Shierholz, Senior Economist at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC (USA): "What we are going through is traumatic on every level (...)." And this continues to be traumatic. The "Virus" has now become an official economic indicator.

But what does this has to do with WordPress eCommerce Hosting and what does have to do with you? Throughout history, bright minds have always remained focused and recognized opportunities in the midst of major times of crisis. This hour is no different. As social distancing has kept people apart from each other and jobs have proven to be unreliable for ensuring the financial stability of families, entrepreneurship offers great opportunities.

The question is how do you plan to take advantage of the coming 2020 Holiday Shopping season? Online is now the new normal. With less disposable income available and the need to stay safe, more people are turning to the Internet for their holiday shopping.

Though the unemployment rates have dropped compared to earlier during the pandemic, and in spite of the decline in the level of disposable incomes, online Mobile shopping is anticipated to hit over $310 Billions. Businesses are planning to run promotions earlier than usual. It is not late to begin to get your business online and to get ready to generate income and probably establish a new business.

Selling online is now the best and most effective way to start, launch, run your business and reach your customers worldwide. And OnMax Host Digital is committed to helping startups and businesses get their ideas online. Getting a beautiful website has never been easier and so much fun and you don't need technical skills to do it. For those who need help, our Website Design Experts will design a beautiful website for your business, optimize it, display it to the world with unparalleled performance and also manage it for you.

Why WordPress eCommerce Hosting?

Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting from OnMax Host Digital comes with WordPress and WooCommerce pre-installed, saving you lots of time so you can quickly focus on configuring your online store. But you may ask, 'Why launch your online store with Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting from OnMax Host Digital?' Well, there is a reason why WordPress is a global phenomenon, powering 38% of the Internet. It is the top Content Management System (CMS) in the world. You can learn more about WordPress in my previous article, 'WordPress Website Go Live' Guide.

Used by over 90 Million websites around the world, WooCommerce is the Number 1 eCommerce solution online. It is ther4efore the most popular eCommerce platform. It comes with several extensions - both free and paid - to help businesses sell a variety of products and collect payment online.

Since the last quarter of 2019, OnMax Host Digital provides FREE Premium WooCommerce Extensions (over $1,500 Value - Free for the life of the hosting plan) with our WordPress eCommerce Hosting Plan. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs with an exciting solution for building a highly customized online store easily and faster than ever before.

WooCommerce Premium Extensions

When you buy a Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting plan, you get FREE Premium WooCommerce Extension worth $1,500.00 for the life of the Hosting plan. These extensions enable you to add unique functionality to your online store. These extensions give you the ability to sell Subscriptions, Bookings, extend payment plans to your customers, offer rewards, set up delivery and shipping options, integrating your WoCommerce store with HubSpot's CRM and Facebook Store, etc.

Installing your WooCommerce Extensions is simple and fast: just one click from your WordPress eCommerce Hosting Gateway. Once you click on "Setup" as indicated by the blue arrow on the image below and install your extensions, they will be listed in your WordPress Dashboard under 'Plugins as well as under WooCommerce Extensions.

OnMax Host Digital - WordPress eCommerce Hosting - WooCommerce

I do not intend to go into a detailed description and explanation of the extensions available here. But you can activate and configure the extension in your WordPress Dashboard. I will publish a video soon describing in details how to install and configure your WordPress eCommerce website and the WooCommerce Extensions.

OnMax Host Digital WordPress eCommerce Hosting WooCommerce 4a

Simplified WordPress eCommerce Process To Go Live

As a business owner, especially in this busy season, we know you will appreciate every opportunity to save time. Our Onboarding process has 70% fewer steps than our competitors. This means that you can get from installation to Editing your WordPress eCommerce Website in 4 automated steps to get a typical WordPress Online Store ready:

  1. Select and purchase the WordPress Hosting Plan.
  2. Set up your account. WordPress is pre-installed on your account.
  3. WooCommerce is automatically installed.
  4. Set up your WooCommerce Extensions (plugins).

The account set up includes selecting a premium theme that comes free with your hosting account. These premium themes are ready-made websites that you can get up and running within an hour to have an online store within less than an hour. You just need to change your names and logo.

You can use these ready-to-go-live websites to get online while you are working on your more complex and customized website. Our goal is to help you get up and running immediately so you can start connecting with your customers and start selling immediately. You can take advantage of the simplicity of these templates to get your business ready. But if you need expert help, then our Professional WordPress Website Designers can help you.

While WordPress and WooCommerce provide a great opportunity for your business to launch online, you may still want a much simpler solution. Feel free to explore our DIY Website Builder. It is a drag-and-drop solution that is quick and yet highly professional and beautiful, with templates for every industry.

The benefits of Managed WordPress eCommerce Hosting at OnMax Host Digital include automatic updates, a FREE SSL Certificate (comes pre-installed), Free Website Security (Scanning and Detection) and Website Backup. You also get file access to File Manager, FTP and database just like on a cPanel Hosting Plan.

Setting Up Your Products In WooCommerce

From the left panel inside your WordPress Dashboard, click on Products, then follow the instructions to get your products and / or services on your website. You will be able to add product name, short and long descriptions, attributes, prices, images, categories and tags. You will also be able to set up your shipping zones and methods as well as tax classes, etc.

From the left panel inside your WordPress Dashboard, click on Products, then follow the instructions to get your products and / or services on your website. You will be able to add product name, short and long descriptions, attributes, prices, images, categories and tags. You will also be able to set up your shipping zones and methods as well as tax classes, etc.

OnMax Host Digital - WordPress eCommerce Website - WooCommerce
Product Data

When you set up your products, you must also define the product type. There are 6 basic product types that you must define. Other product types can be added by activating specific WooCommerce Extensions such as Subscriptions, Bookings, etc.

  • Simple Product: Most of the products that you may want to sell fall under this category. You can sell and ship them. Examples include books, lamps, etc.
  • Grouped Product: Represents a collection of simple products that you can sell as a set. For instance, a set of twelve bowls, glasses, etc. They can be sold individually or grouped into a collection.
  • Virtual Product: A virtual product cannot be shipped. When you select this product type, shipping is automatically disabled under this product. So, there will be no shipping calculation in your Shopping Cart. Examples include a service.
  • Downloadable Product: When you activate the Downloadable Product extension, additional fields will be turned on enabling you to sell downloadable products such as PDF, photos or MP3 files. When a buyer purchases a downloadable product, they will receive an order notification email with a link. They then click the link to download the product.
  • External/Affiliate Product: This is a product or service that you sell on another website.
  • Variable Product:
  • Simple Subscription Product:
  • Variable Subscription Product: This is a product with variations. Each variation may have a different SKU, price, stock option, etc. Examples include shoes that come in different colors and sizes.
  • Bookable Product:
  • Photograph Product:
  • Accommodation Product:

Get Your WordPress eCommerce Website Now!

You can get your online store up and running within a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of your project. Read our Checklist for launching your WordPress Website for more information. OnMax Host Digital WordPress eCommerce Hosting page load speed is among the top five in the industry.

Managed hosting means that we take care of running things so you may focus on your business. The plan comes with SSL Certificate pre-installed to protect your customers' personal information. Our Award-Winning Technical Support Team is available 24/7 to help you at any time of night and day.

If you need help building your online store, check our Elegant WordPress Website Design Plans. We are running a Special Promotional Package for the holiday - up-to 60% off our regular prices. The deal includes Free Hosting, Domain Name, and Security for 12 months. Please join our Email List below to receive notifications for deals, news, updates, etc. We also provide a Full Professional Website Maintenance Package where we design and manage your website. Check our plans for more information.

Please consider leaving a comment, question, or suggestion below. I hope you find this information useful to help you get your business moving forward now.

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