OnMax Host Digital - Steps For Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name

Steps for choosing your perfect domain name

Steps for choosing your perfect domain name

Names are powerful. A good domain name matching your business name can represent everything people need to identify and recognize your online. It is your brand. It reflects your values. This is true whether you are a small start-up or a large well established business. The following ten (10) steps are meant to help our clients choose a good domain name that ensures your success on the web.

1. Make it easy to spell and type

This is very critical. Your domain name should be easy to spell and type. Otherwise, it will result in people typing it erroneously in the address bar in the browser. This would lead visitors away from your website when they are re-routed to an error page or to another website – probably even your competitor’s.

2. Keep it short

Go for short and simple. Again, long and complex domain names are generally prone to being miss-typed. They are not easily remembered either.

3. Use keywords

Use primary keywords that describe your business, your products and services in your domain name. A keyword research will reveal to you the keywords that your clients and potential clients use in their online searches.

4. Target your area

If your business is local, you may want to include the name of your city or state in your business and domain name. This will make your business and website easily located. For example a a bakery in Saint Louis could use SaintLouisBakery .com.

5. Avoid using numbers and hyphens

When giving your web address to people, they might be confused as to whether to write the number as a digit (i.e., 7) or spelled out (i.e., eight). People are also more likely to forget a hyphen when writing your domain name.

6. Choose a memorable name

Choose a memorable name and easily remembered. With billions of websites out there, make sure your domain name is catchy enough that it is easy to be remembered.

7. Use a specific domain extension

A domain extension is the suffix that follows the period (.) at the end of a web address. The com. and .org domain extensions are well known. But we have hundreds of domain extensions that you can choose from. Choose the domain extension that best describes your business.

You may use the new domain extensions to create additional domain names that you may use for a variety of purposes. Check Our full list of domain extensions available. If you cannot find the extension you are looking for, please call our Award-Winning Domain Experts at 636-497-2511.

8. Research your domain name

Do your due diligence ahead of time to make sure your new domain name does not infringe on another company’s copyrighted and trademarked name. This could lead to legal troubles that could cost you money and the loss of your domain.

9. Protect your domain name

Register several variations of your primary domain name including misspelled versions as well as your name with various extensions. Predators on the Internet can purchase a variation of your domain name, which you failed to register. They can then use these domain names to redirect traffic away from your website.

10. You must act now!

Register your name immediately. There are people out there whose mission is to register as many domain names as possible. They then turn around and offer to sell them back to you at a premium. So, even if you are not yet ready to launch your business, go ahead and register your name. Domain registrations are registered annually. One of my clients kept postponing purchasing his domain name. When he finally was ready to register, the domain name had just been registered by another person just a couple of weeks prior.

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