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Demonstrating Expertise is now one of the primary factors considered by search engines for ranking content high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Register .Expert Domains today and promote your expertise with a personalized and specific domain name that tells your audience exactly what your business represents. You can use your new .expert domains for various purposes such as emails, web address, domain to point to your social media profiles, etc.

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.Expert Domains Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Search For .Expert Domains?

To find whether your preferred domain name is available, simply type your best keyword into the domain search tool above. If your preferred domain name is available, simply follow the instructions to proceed to Cart and then Checkout to complete your domain registration process.

Can you help me search & register my domain name?

Our Domain Name Experts are available 24/7/365 to help you with your domain registration any time when inspiration strikes you. Simply call us at +1 (480) 624-2500. Make sure you Create Your FREE OnMax Host Digital Account first so that you have your Customer ID Number and four-digit PIN Number handy when you call.

What if my preferred domain name is already taken?

If your preferred domain name is already taken, our Domain Experts can help you monitor it and then register it in the future as soon as it is available through our Domain Backorder Service where you purchase a backorder credit to give you a chance to get the domain when it goes to auction.

Can I register different domain extensions?

OnMax Host Digital provides hundreds of new domain extensions that you can register to create a personalized and industry-specific domain name.

A handful of domains will have restrictions on them, which means you can only purchase them if you meet or exceed certain criteria or have authorization (some examples are .gov, .edu and .mil).

But most extensions are available to everyone. In fact, most country code Top Level Domains ccTLDs are available for anyone to purchase, even if you don’t reside in the country code in question.

What is the length limit authorized for a domain name?

The maximum length of a domain name is 63 characters and the minimum length is 1 character. You can use a combination of numbers, and hyphens (-). You may not start and end your domain name with a hupen (-) though.

What are the minimum & maximum length of registration term?

A domain name can be registered annually. The minimum registration term is one (1) year and up to a maximum of ten (10) years.


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