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Domain Alert Pro Back Order – Your perfect domain is already taken. We can help you get it!

Your Domain Alert Pro Back order credits never expire. If you did not win the bid, you can simply transfer your credits to other domains. Your credits remain valid until you win. You never lose them.

OnMax Host - Domain Back Order

What is Domain Backorder?

Our Domain Alert Pro Backorder is a service that performs daily monitoring on a domain that you want but that is currently registered by another person. Once the domain becomes available, if the current owner of the domain name does not renew it, we will promptly take it and notify you.

A domain name is a major part of your branding online. Getting the right domain name is not always easy. As you are building your brand, you sure do not want a domain name that represents your business being held by another person.

It is therefore part of your strategy to make sure that you recover all those domains our there into your portfolio.

  • Includes the cost of registering thye domain plus ICANN fee.

  • Valid until you are successful. If you don’t get the name you want, you don’t lose. Simply re-assign to another name.

  • Our daily domain monitoring keeps an eye open for your domain. This service includes .COM, .ORG, .CO, .NET, .MOBI, .US, .BIZ.

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Domain Investing

When a domain you want becomes available and the same domain is also targeted by someone else, we will let you know. You will have the option to place a bid in auction for the domain name.

OnMax Host also gives you the opportunity to invest in domain names. You can make money buying domains at standards rates and re-selling them for a profit on domain OnMax Host Domain Auction. And when you buy domains in bulk, you also make money by saving on the standard rates.

If you want to learn more about domain investing, please contact our Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team 24/7/365 at 480.497.2511.

OnMax Host - Domain Back Order

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Domain Back Order

What is Domain Back Ordering?

Domain Back Ordering is placing a reservation of a domain you really want but that is currently owned and registered by someone else. You are thus waiting for the domain to be free in order for you to grab it immediately. Thousands of domains expire every year and many of them are not renewed.

For more information, go to Domain Back Order and Monitoring FAQs

How do I purchase a Domain Back Order and how does it work?

When you purchase a Domain Back Order from OnMax Host or from any other provider, we begin to monitor the domain. As soon as it is released from the current owner, we notify you, and we apply your payment to the registration of the domain. And the domain is now yours. There are times when there are many other people who placed a back order on the same domain. In that case, the domain will go into Domain Auction. We then apply your payment to the opening bid for the domain. Again, we notify you and you are free to continue bidding as in any other auction. You can also choose to abandon the domain and apply your domain back order credit to another domain of your choice instead. You Domain Back Order payment will not expire until you win.

Is Domain Back Order from OnMax Host a Guarantee I’ll get my dream domain?

Domain Back Order from OnMax Host is not a guarantee that you will get your dream domain. Like you read above, someone else may also have placed a reservation on the same domain. Also, there is no guarantee that the current registrant will not renew the domain for one or many years. However, we guarantee that we will put all of our Domain Registration Expertise into play to get you the domain when it is available.

For more information, go to Domain Back Order Guarantee and Monitoring FAQs.

How will I know the backordered domain is available?

When you purchase Domain Backorder & Monitoring from OnMax Host, we will notify you as soon as the domain name becomes available. In addition to that, we will give you FREE daily domain monitoring tools to help you keep an eye on the domain name you want.

For more information, go to Domain Back Order Guarantee and Monitoring FAQs

Where can I view my domain back order?

You can view and monitor your domain back order in the Domain Manager in your OnMax Host account. This is where we will display all relevant and important information as well as the status updates of your domain back order including the domain name expiration date.

Can I add Privacy to my domain name back order?

Yes you can. By default, just like with the regular domain registration, your personal contact information is publicly displayed in the Whois database when you register a domain name. Domain name registration Privacy helps to protect your personal information.

When can I expect to see my backordered domain in my account?

If we are successful in securing your dream domain, we will register your domain name and then place it into your OnMax Host Account within 45 days. The cost of domain back order includes one year of registration for your domain name.

What happens when my back order is unsuccessful?

If your domain name back order is not successful, we encourage you to move your domain back order credits to another domain. This can be done very fast and it is free. Remember, your domain monitoring and back order is valid until you win your dream domain.

Check our Domain Back Order And Monitoring Knowledge Base to learn more about Domain Back Order, Domain Back Order Monitoring, Domain Back Order Guarantee and Changing a Back Order to a different domain name.

Go to Private Domain Name Registration to learn more about Private, Business, and Protected Domain Registration. Also visit Steps to Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name to learn more about how to choose and register a domain name that enhances and strengthens your brand.

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