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Choose the best coverage for you: Personal or Business.

When you register a domain with any registrar, your personal information is automatically entered into a public directory often used by hackers and spammers to compile mailing lists and steal domains. OnMax Host offers two privacy options to keep your personal details safely hidden.

Business Registration works in conjunction with Private Registration (also known as privacy) to keep your personal information private while promoting your business.

Private Registration shields your personal contact information, which is separate from your Business Registration information.

Business Registration contains only the information you want to make public, such as business hours, office phone numbers, and fax numbers.

If you want to have both types of registration, you must purchase them separately.

Privacy Protection
Great for Individuals
Privacy & Business Protection
Effective for Businesses
Masks your personal details in the WHOIS Database. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Orange--1--25) Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Prevents domain-related spam. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Orange--1--25) Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Deters domain hijacking. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Orange--1--25) Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Protects you from stalkers and harassers. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Orange--1--25) Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Includes a private email address that can be forwarded to you, filtered or blocked. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Orange--1--25) Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Prevents accidental loss of domain due to expired credit card. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Deadbolt Transfer Protection. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Certified Domain Seal proves to visitors that your website’s ownership is valid. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
Get an online Business Card in the WHOIS Directory. Rica-Global-Domains---Check-Mark-(Blue-1a---25)
$1.95 per domain
was $8.99
$24.99 per domain

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Every business, every Church, every organization, and every individual has the right to have a professional website that makes the right statement about them online 24/7/365. OnMax Host is committed to provide such a website. And it’s affordable.

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