Social Media Marketing

OnMax Host Social Media Marketing Services help connect, and deepen real relationships between your brand and real people through Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others. We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes including individual entrepreneurs to devise and execute the right Social Media Strategy to form real connections, deliver relevant content and mature those relationships. And through social listening, we develop analytics and provide relevant reports on social platforms that matter to your business.

Real Brands

OnMax Host works with you to build real brands through research, creativity, innovations, and design in collaboration with our clients.

Real People

OnMax Host uses proven strategies, methods, tools and approach to connect brands with real people who love your brands.

Real Connections

OnMax Host works with our clients to develop valuable, relevant content and deliversyour brand messaging through organic sharing.

Real Analytics

OnMax Host has methods and resources to activate social listening through analytics on the social platforms that are specific to each of our clients..

  • Social Account Account Setup
  • Social Reputation
  • Twitter Setup and Marketing
  • Instagram Setup and Marketing
  • Pinterest Setup and Marketing
  • Google Setup and Marketing
  • LinkedIn Setup and Marketing
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ads/Campaigns
  • Social Media Ads Management
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Community setup
  • Social Profiles Creation
  • Social Pulse / Listening





Influencer Marketing Re-Imagined!

A key aspect of social marketing is Influencer Marketing. Research has proven that about 60% of consumers are more likely to show interested, be attracted to, search for a brand or product / service if they hear about it from a friend or if a friend posts it online. Only about 35% of consumers are likely to show interest to a brand if it is mentioned by a celebrity.

The best influencers are therefore the people who are considered or perceived as regular people who have experiences and opinions as them.

OnMax Host helps businesses increase the reach of their brand voice through organic sharing.

OnMax Host Social Media Marketing Value Proposition

Connect with Real Active Buyers and Capture Quality Leads

Build A Trusted Reputation Online through Online Reviews.

Our focus is not only on Generating Leads but on High Volume Conversion Rates.

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