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Backlinks are still an important ranking factor in search engine results (SERPs). Therefore, website link building is required for any website that wants to get more visibility and traffic. When another website refers to a content on your website by placing a link on their page that points to your content, that is called a back link to you. For the website linking to you, that is called an outgoing link. As you can see, such links reflect an interest and a sort of vote of confidence by the linking website on your content. But in SEO, all links are not equal. You want only quality links pointing to your website. If a junk website links to your content, there is not much “link juice” over to you. Just like all political endorsements are not equal. The value of a backlink is therefore determined by the degree of credibility and authority that the linking source website represents. Search engine algorithms are now very sophisticated and are able to determine these factors. At OnMax Host Digital, we know that getting backlinks right is crucial for a great link building strategy.

Website Link Building Plans & Pricing

Get contextual natural links from relevant mini-authority properties. Great for building foundational links to your site and to boost your rankings.


5 Target Keywords
$ 650
  • 1 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing
  • 1 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing*
  • 5 social citations
  • 3 business citations


10 Target Keywords
$ 1,300
  • 2 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing
  • 1 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing
  • 10 social citations
  • 6 business citations


20 Target Keywords
$ 2,600
  • 6 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing
  • 2 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing
  • 20 social Bookmarking
  • 12 business citations


35 Target Keywords
$ 4,875
  • 7 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing
  • 4 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing
  • 1 video creation and distribution*
  • 1 presentation creation and distribution*
  • 25 social bookmarking
  • 20 business citations


60 Target Keywords
$ 6,500
  • 12 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing
  • 12 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing
  • 1 video creation and distribution
  • 1 presentation creation and distribution
  • 40 social citations
  • 40 business citations

(* 1 Every two months)

Website Link Building Strategies That Produce Results for you.

Website Link Building is a never-ending part of the SEO process. Our SEO Experts bring creativity and innovation to dig out hidden link building opportunities for quality backlinks. From choosing the most link-worthy data source for your content to building relationships, we have devise the best website link building strategy for you.

OnMax Host Digital - Website Link Building - Process

Website Link Building Process

Long Term SEO Strategies

Our Website Link Building Approach For You In 2021 And Beyond

At OnMax Host Digital, we do not look at link building simply as campaigns – with a start and end points. Our link building is an ongoing, never-ending, integral part of SEO and business strategies and process. We do not build links only for search engine algorithms. Therefore, we look beyond just content that is content-led and focused on link building, to content that serves a broader purpose for the business.

Part of our strategy is to take a long and hard look at the content topics that we want our clients to be recognized as experts and authorities – topics that will resonate with our clients’ audience. Then we develop a plan of content execution and from there, we will see where link building fits in. Our strategic framework would look something like: Define the themes, topics, formats and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that these content formats must to hit.

We help businesses understand that putting serious efforts into product development, content strategy, customer relationships, and brand building are all activities that result directly and indirectly in link building. This however is a long term goal. Meanwhile, we execute link building, as part of a larger integrated and robust digital marketing strategy that helps take the business to that long term goal. And the ultimate goal is business goal.


Content Marketing

Developing different types of content and bridging the gaps between them in order to execute an integral strategy that meets the overall needs of the business: (a) Content for links; (b) Content for traffic (informational and transactional content); and (c) Content for Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T).


Link Building

At OnMax Host Digital, we look at links a natural by-product of a wonderful and great idea, product or service which is marketed and branded well. Therefore, link building as an integral part of the branding effort. Links should be a natural consequence of a fantastic product or service which is marketed and branded well.



Think of Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, etc. They are well recognized brands. But they did not get at the top overnight. Our approach is to execute link building processes that work for brands now and in the future as an integrated part of the business.

Customer Dashboard

All website link building plans come with the OnMax Host Digital proprietary Customer Dashboard. The dashboard provides you with full transparency on our work. You will follow our website link building performance live on the dashboard.
OnMax Host Digital - Website Link Building - Reporting Dashboard

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