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OnMax Host Digital's AI powered SEO Website & Marketing Audit is a comprehensive assessment that provides a clear profile of your full digital footprint across the web. Simply submit your information and receive a 30+ points PDF report delivered directly into your email. Our SEO Audit is 100% educational and designed to help you understand how your website performs on the web and how you match up against your competitors. It gives you an overall health card of your business online.

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In-Depth Report

This is an over 32-point report that covers all critical areas of your website including Google’s Core Web Vitals.

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You will provide your website link, keywords / phrases you want to rank for, and three (3) competitors in your industry.

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The report will be delivered into your email inbox automatically within minutes of submitting the audit request.

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This is a FREE website evaluation. The deep actionable audit report insights are fully educational to you, giving you a complete website health status.

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Once the Website Audit is completed, our Website Audit Consultant will contact you with a Report in PDF. We will also offer you a FREE 30-Minutes Consultation to review the Audit Insights and discuss solutions to improve your website performance.
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Our Website Audit Report Includes:

A keyword is a single word used as a search query in the search tool. A keyword phrase or term is two or more words typed as a search query. Our SEO Audit process assesses the ranking level of your website for your important keywords. This gives you an indication of the capacity of your website to be visible to the searchers who are interested in the type of content that you publish (Your target audience).

It is said that content is King and an effective keyword strategy is at the heart of your content marketing campaign and overall success online because keywords are the connectors that hook you to your customers and target audience.

Our Audit examines your website organic traffic and includes organic traffic report per device. The report provides insights into your traffic sources,

The Audit process will examine your website architecture to assess how easy it makes it for your visitors to navigate your site and find the information they need. So, we will look at aspects such as navigation, internal linking, meta tags, sitemaps, indexing, etc.

Google has said clearly that website security is a major ranking factor in SERPs. It is an integral part of what makes a good user experience on your site.

Today’s major browsers are already beginning to flag websites that lack a valid SSL Certificate and warning visitors that the website they are attempting to visit is insecure. Visitors are also warned to not continue to the website except at their own risk and peril. As you can imagine, most people will shy away from such a website including clients.

OnMax Host Digital Website assessment will provide you with a security score. It is important to note that security is not only an SSL Certificate. It includes anti-malware and protection against hackers. OnMax Host Digital provides industry-best website security services that includes various types of SSL Certificates, protection against malware and hackers, website back up plus night and day website scanning and monitoring.

Depending on the plan chosen, we also provide remediation services with security incident response time as little at 30 minutes.

Backlinks are outside or incoming links to your website content. When such links are ‘natural’ – in order words, when they are based on other webmasters discovering the value of your content and then linking to it to refer your content to their own website visitors, search engine algorithms view such links as a vote of confidence in your work. So, the more of such links you can have the better.

But it is important to make sure that such links must come from high quality websites that can pass over link juice to your site.You must also ensure that such links are contextual.

So, our audit will evaluate the quality of your overall backlink profile. We will be happy to sit with you and provide you with recommendations for dealing with any link issues flagged in the report, both in terms of backlink source quality and contextualization.

Your content strategy will determine the success of your outreach efforts to attract high quality links and increase visibility of your website in search engines to your target audience.

Clearly defining your target audience, developing and executing an effective keyword strategy are at the heart of your content marketing strategy. The insights provided by our SEO Audit report will show you any content gaps that need to be filled.

SEO competitive analysis o also referred to as competitor analysis – involves assessing the performance of your competitors in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Though this is not new in the world of business, competition on the Internet is very fierce. So, every business relies on implementing the best SEO practices.

Competitive analysis provides you with the business intelligence you need to devise a strategy to out-maneuver your competition and establish yourself as the industry leader.

Such intelligence gathering covers several areas based on your needs. Some of the most common areas include keyword ranking, link portfolio, tapping into the mind of their customers, etc.

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) by Google is one of the most used page speed measurement tools. It reports on the performance of your website on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

Website load time is critical. It’s so important that Google has made it an actual ranking factor. PageSpeed Insights (PSI) can help you pinpoint key technical issues occurring on your site that may have a negative impact on its speed and performance. Resolving these issues will help to improve your site performance in the eyes of Google and thus boost your rankings.

Page load speed is a part of the Google Core Web Vitals and Google has clearly indicated that from May 2021, these factors are going to play a key role in website rankings in SERPs.

In other words, page load speed is a ranking factors that determines a website quality.
OnMax Host Digital Audit Report will provide you with page load speed reports for both mobile and desktop.

This is extremely important because users find slow loading pages an annoyance and could potentially leave the site if the page does not load fast enough, especially on mobile devices.

On-page optimization address all the aspects of your website that are on your site versus those that are located outside your site. For instance, your content, keywords, image optimization, independent product URLs, Google page speed, structured data markup, internal linking, canonicalization, pages, landing pages, Robots.txt, 404 errors, page redirections, etc. All the factors on your website that make it easy for your visitors to find the answers they are looking for and take your desired action.

Off-page factors on the other hand include all the factors that play a role outside of your website. These may include directory listings, mentions, link building, etc. They all contribute to improving your website visibility to the public and search engine algorithms.

The audit will provide a score card of your degree of visibility across directories. You will see a report on all the directories where your website is listed. You will have a chance to check consistency across directories and correct any wrong data.

OnMax Host Digital provides one of the most advanced directory management tools to help you manage your reputation across the Internet.

You can correct wrong data, delete any duplicates and effectively manage your online presence. Search engines will flag all inconsistencies and this will affect your ranking.

Running a business online requires business owners to always be watchful for mentions or sentiments published that can tarnished the brand.

Our reputation, visibility, reviews, sentiments analysis will reveal the degree of visibility of your Brand as well as how effective it is.

The analysis provides a robust reporting that includes directory listing, reviews therein, etc.

All our clients have access to our reporting dashboard and enjoy real time transparency to all websites containing keywords related to your brand.

Our system will automatically analyze that page to determine the sentiment – positive, very positive, neutral or negative.

Reviews have increasingly become a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Benefits of OnMax Host Digital SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit will not only give you a list of your website strengths and weaknesses. We will also work with you to create a workable strategy and action plan to reach your business goals.

Our goal is to help grow your business by helping you find great opportunities to increase reach your target audience, increase traffic and conversion rates on your website. Our detailed report contains insights that will show you exactly the current health of your business online and during our FREE Consultation session we will share recommendations to help you take advantage of the opportunities uncovered.

Interactive - Powerful - Real Time Insights

Track your Campaigns progress with full access to view campaign performance in real time. Complete transparency and measurable results.

The OnMax Host Digital SEO & Social Media Marketing Reporting Dashboard shows you exactly where your campaign dollars are going. Every Campaign task is tracked and reported in real life. See the Value!

Stop wasting time, switching from account to account to gather your important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Our Dashboard enables you to streamline your campaign monitoring in a single intuitive interface.

We will also deliver your FREE SEO, Social Media & PPC Audit Reports directly to your Dashboard and via email.

Improve User Experience On Your Website & Your Rankings in SERPs

Over 32-Point SEO Audit is the first step to improving the Quality of your website and establishing Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness. We’ll provide you with deep unique insights on your website health status. We give you a FREE Consultation to devise an actionable strategy and plan to give your users the best user experience and improve your SERPs rankings and visibility online.

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