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On Page Optimization is an imperative step in any kind of SEO campaign and contributes directly to improving the ranking and visibility of the website. The results earned from proper on page SEO strategies are long term, and can have a direct impact on your site’s conversion rate, your sales and long-term brand value. Our On Page Optimization addon is the easiest way to get your webpage optimized so that it’s ready to rank and bring traffic to your site! Our experienced professionals will optimize critical elements of your pages, and provide a full report of everything done. When implemented correctly, you’ll be 100% optimized to bring in more traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO Plans & Pricing



One Time

We optimize and provide recommendations on these key elements on a web page:



One Time

We optimize and provide recommendations on these key elements on a web page:



One Time

We optimize and provide recommendations on these key elements on a web page:
OnMax Host Digital - On-Page SEO

Importance of On-Page SEO

Search engines need to find out how relevant the content on your web page is to your keywords. They seek to understand your website content in the context of what people are searching for online.

On-page SEO is important because it helps search engines recognize and understand your web page content. Our focus here is not simply to do on-page optimization for search engine algorithms, but to improve the quality of your web page to provide your audience with the best user experience.

On-page SEO is the process of helping search engines what they are crawling, indexing and ranking. It is the process of telling search engines what your web page content should look like on SERPs. But more importantly, it is the process of creating the best user experience for your website visitors by improving the quality of your page.

The Three Main Elements of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on specific ranking elements of the web page that affect your web page performance. Once you understand these elements, you can easily optimize any webpage.

On-Page SEO: Content Optimization

On-Page SEO content factors are the factors that affect user experience on your website. These factors include copy and content. We optimize content to reflect Quality and we implement E-A-T Recommendations to provide the best user experience for your website visitors and to communicate this to search engines.
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OnMax Host Digital - On-Page Optimization - HTML Codes

On-Page SEO: HTML Source Code

Search engines crawl websites regularly in search of new content to index. In order for the search engine crawlers to understand what is on the web page, the HTML codes must be written in a way to communicate the right message to the search engines. Search engines will use this information to rank webpages in the context of searchers’ queries.

Two Important Factors of HTML Source Codes:

  • Keyword Placement: Are keywords included in page titles, headings, image alt-text/filename ?
  • SERP Representation: meta description, geo-tagging, schema markup/SERP features, etc.

On-Page SEO - Image Optimization

Images are important on a web page. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is true for your website as well. But from the perspective of search engines, they don’t see images the way we see them. They see HTML codes. An image may look awesome to human eyes on the web page, but to search engines, it may tell a totally different story depending on the quality of the HTML code surrounding the image.

On-Page SEO Image Optimization Elements:

  • Image title
  • Image Alt-Text
  • Image file name.
OnMax Host Digital On Page SEO Image Optimization
OnMax Host Digital - On-Page SEO - Site Architecture

On-Page SEO - Website Architecture

Website architecture has to do with the whole website, and not just a specific web page. It is very important to optimize your website architecture so that search engines can crawl and index easily.

  • Site Speed
  • Responsive Design
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Links.
  • External Links (Inbound and Outbound Links)
  • Duplicate Content

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