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OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization

Google Maps Optimization

At OnMax Host Digital, we look at Google Maps Optimization as a process. We execute proven Local SEO tactics to place your business as high as possible in the local business results lisings on the Google maps. It is a part of our Local SEO Services. Local SEO is all about playing to a specific audience in the vicinity of your business. If this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. But don’t worry, we are here to help.
OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization - Mobile Navigation

Why Google Maps Optimization?

Smart phone users rely on navigation apps on their phone to find where they are going. So, more businesses are integrating location-based features and functionalities in their apps.

Research also shows that almost 80% of smart phone users regularly use navigation apps to find their way around, with almost 70% of them giving preference to Google Maps.

The dominance of Google Maps over the other apps is due to the amount of information it offers. Google has been mapping out the world over the years in a very detailed way. As a result, Google Maps directions are more in-depth and precise compared to the other apps.

How Does Google Maps Optimization Help?

If you are a business with a local presence, then you need your customers to find you in search results (SERPs). For local businesses that expect foot traffic into your local location, it is very important for you to be found on the maps where your customers can obtain driving directions to your place. Since the majority of such traffic search for your business on Google, it is also important that you come up at the top of Google Maps listings.

When they click on “Direction” on your Google My Business Listing, you want them to be smoothly navigated to your business. That is what we achieve with Google Maps Optimization.

Searchers may opt for the auto-complete Google suggestion or the Maps tab. Either way, the results are ranked based on the Google My Business (GMB) Listing.

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization

Why OnMax Host Digital!

An Integrated Approach

At OnMax Host Digital, our aim is to help your business capitalize on the increasingly great marketing opportunities offered by Google Maps Marketing and Google My Business (GMB) by harnessing the potential offered by these free marketing tools. We take an integrated approach to Local SEO that combines Google Maps/Google My Business (GMB) Optimization, on-site optimization, review generation, and other SEO Strategies and tactics. From ranking at the top of Google Maps Listings to the Local 3-pack Listings, Google Maps Marketing offers a multi-faceted approach for all types businesses with a local presence.

OnMax Host Digital - Google Maps Optimization - Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB)

As of today, Google offers every business an opportunity to claim a Google My Business Listing. This is free today. Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing enables your business to appear on Google Maps Listing.

You can share your business information on your GMG Listing, such as your business phone number(s), address, hours of operations, etc. You can also share posts, images, videos, etc. and link them back to your website. It is important to optimize them fully in order to maximize the benefits for your business.

You can also share your products and / or services (with images, videos) on your Google My Business (GMB) Listing. One of the powerful features of Google My Business (GMB) is the ability to collect customers’ ratings and reviews. As you can imagine, these ratings and reviews will be visible in Google Search results, increasing your chances of getting clicks in SERPs (Search Result Pages). It is therefore critical for your Google My Business Listing to be set up correctly as this can affect your ability to get clicks resulting in traffic to your website.

Regularly monitoring your GMB Listing is very important in order to promptly respond to reviews, feedbacks, and comments about your business. OnMax Host Digital integrates a review strategy that enables you to stay on top of your business citations through our Local SEO Plans) and Reputation Management Package.

Google continues to add features to the GMB. You now have the ability to have visitors initiate phone calls right from your GMB Listing and also set up appointments.

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