Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing provides businesses and organizations the most effective social media marketing platform. Facebook is the most effective Social Media Platform in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) for advertisements. We find real people and build real relationship with them on your behalf. With relevant content, we develop and cultivate real engagement with them. Our ultimate goal is high volume conversion rates for your business.

Facebook Marketing: Why?

According to Statista, Facebook is a social networking service that was created by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Initially designed as a networking tool for Harvard students, it quickly spread to other schools and was finally opened to the public in 2006. Facebook is now, by a very wide margin, the biggest social network worldwide. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook had more than 2.3 billion global monthly active users with a cumulative total of 2.7 billion users accessing any of the company's core products Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger on a monthly basis. Facebbok recorded a revenue of US$55.8 Billion in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018. That is the amount of money spent on the Facebook Platform by marketers. You should want a piece of that. Let OnMax Host help you today.

Facebook Marketing and Ads work for both B2C and B2B relationships. You may be frustrated right now because you have been busy on Facebook yet have no real results to show for it. But there are others who are effectively Facebook Platform to increase their conversion rates and revenue.

According to Satista, a company that performs research and provide business data from over 600 industries, Facebook attracted more than 2 billion active users per month during the fourth (4th) Quarter of 2018. According to Satista, the United States is the second country in the world with the most Facebook subscribers with about 67% of the population actively using the Facebook Platform for a variety of reasons.

You cannot afford to miss the opportunity to use Facebook Marketing to build your audience and drive traffic to your website. OnMax Host uses Facebook Marketing aggressively in addition to using it for our clients. Let us help you today.

Facebook Marketing

Summary Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Businesses

Like we stated above, Facebook is one of the top platforms today that offers great opportunities for marketing. And the key is Engagement in Conversation through Relationships.. OnMax Host will find real people, build, nurture and deepen real relationships with real people to increase your brand awareness and drive your "desirable" targeted audience to your website. We then apply Web Metrics - including Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics - through various measurement techniques to produce better conversion volume optimization to meet your business goals.

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty through Relationship Marketing. Facebook Marketing offers an opportunity for Conversational Marketing.
  • Engage and Nurture Engagement with Your Audience.
  • Increase Facebook Marketing effectiveness through Re-Marketing Strategy to increase overall conversion rates on the website.
  • Global Exposure to Billions of Active Facebook Users through Strategic Facebook Marketing.
  • Provide Customer Support.
  • Manage Your Online Reputation.
  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website.
  • Measure Facebook Marketing Impact through Facebook Analytics
  • Incorporate AI powered Conversational Marketing through Automation.
  • Facebook Marketing is relatively less costly than other merketing mediums when done strategically.

Leverage The Power of Facebook Marketing to Build Your Business

Marketing is not simple. Facebook Marketing is not simple either. Many people approach it casually and when they do not produce any results, they complain that Facebook Marketing does not work. No matter the size or type of your business, let OnMax Host help you reach one of the biggest communities through personalized Conversational Marketing.

Reach More People. The Power of Audience Networking

Scale Your Business Through Conversational Marketing Through Messaging

Leverage The Power of Facebook Ads. Reach Your Business Goals.

Here's What OnMax Host Does For You

  • Create and set up your Facebook Business (Fan) Page. Add special settings to manage negative comments on your page.
  • Set up or fix your Facebook Business Manager Account to properly manage your Facebook Marketing.
  • Set up Facebook integration with your website. This will help with remarketing to your website visitors with relevant personalized Facebook ads.
  • Set up Facebook Conversion Tracking Codes to enable tracking of Return On Ad Spend (ROA) within Facebook.
  • Create, run and monitor Facebook Ad Campaigns on Facebook. Ads that relevant to your target audience.
  • Run Remarketing Ad Campaign to improve your Return On Ad Spend (ROA).
  • Set up Facebook integration with your website. This will help with remarketing to your website visitors with relevant personalized Facebook ads.
  • Configure, collect and analyze data to measure the performance of the campaigns and optimize them to achieve higher conversion rates.

Need A Free Facebook Marketing Consultation?

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