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We innovate and deliver customized, personalized, creative, professional and beautiful digital assets design tailored to the unique Brand Needs of our Customers.

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OnMax Host Digital brings many years of experience and diverse expertise to provide contextualized design solutions that are tailored to your Brand needs. Our Experts can create innovative designs or adapt a design of your choice. Our approach is to work with our clients as partners to produce solutions that drive business outcomes with digital solution personalization.


Customer Project Briefing

Project initial conference with our clients. You will provide us with the details of the requirements of the project by phone or video call, with follow up conversations via email and/or text messages.


Design Wireframes

The wireframing is a stage where we come together around the project to be executed. It is based on your specifications. We will review and agree on the design, format and style of the design.


Solution Design

Our Design Experts will launch the design project based on the wireframing agreed upon in Step # 02. Customer continues to provide input: changes, adjustments, suggestions, ideas, etc.


Solution Delivery

We will deliver the project for customer review. We will discuss and make the final changes based on customer’s feedback before final deliverable is approved by customer.


Flexible Support

We will provide support post delivery of the project to our customers including training, updates, etc. For full Digital Presence Management, see our Professional Website Maintenance Plans.

Our Creative Digital Design Solutions

We are here to solve your problems and deliver your needs

WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Websites, Theme Development & Customization; Plugins, WooCommerce Development; API Integration, etc.


Website Design

We turn your ideas into reality, bringing your Brand, Customers' Needs & Business Goals together on a powerful marketing machine to drive business outcomes.


Landing Pages

Based on your in-bound marketing approach and goals, we create landing pages that are aligned with your digital marketing campaign goals and brand identity.


Email Templates

We deliver custom coded email templates that create a unique brand identity for your business. We turn your Brand guidelines into stunning hand-coded amazing email templates that bring your Brand to life.


Display Banners

Our static or dynamic HTML conversion-focused display banners are designed with the goal of pushing your digital marketing efforts forward, driving quality traffic to your website and growing your business.



We design custom infographics into long-form graphics that distill dense data into an easy-to-understand visual narrative that communicate your Brand Message. This helps tap into the power of the visual.


Why Choose OnMax Host Digital?

OnMax Host Digital is a One-Stop Modern Digital Marketing Agency that provides you all the tools and the Amazing Expert Support you need to launch your business online and succeed. This makes it possible for our Team to gain the knowledge of your business that is needed to create and implement solutions that are tailored to your unique Brand needs.
OnMax Host Digital - Creative Digital Design Solutions (Beautiful Designs)

Unique, Beautiful & Simple Designs

We make all our designs with your target audience in mind to provide them with the best user experience at every touchpoints with your Brand. We bring your Brand, Customers’ Needs and Business Goals together. Beautiful, simple and clean designs make navigating your online presence very efficient and easy.

Bold, Simple and unique designs comes with clean codes, friendly user interface with minimal distractions that lead to high volume conversion rates. That’s our promise.

Fast Turn Around

We work collaboratively with our customers from project conception, execution and deliver to capture your ideas, concepts and goals. Then we continue to collaborate with you through the Design process. We continue to take input and feedback from you through the process.

Customers’ active partnership through the process minimizes surprises at the end and ensures fast project turn-around and customer satisfaction.

OnMax Host Digital - Creative Digital Design Solutions (Man With Dog)
OnMax Host Digital - Creative Digital Design Solutions (Men Celebrating)

Flexible Post Delivery Support

Our Team is totally committed not only to delivering the best designs to our clients. We are equally committed to see our Digital Assets help drive the business outcomes that our customers desire.

Our Post Delivery Support is not only limited to 2-3 design revisions or simple questions and answers. We are committed to accompany our customers through the journey of implementing the digital solutions we create.

We have a variety of Support approaches that include our renowned FREE Support to paid Management Plans.

Digital Assets


Why you will love OnMax Host Digital!

We are a large global team with a strong passion for beautiful designs and big results.

You will love the Features

Our design solutions come with features such as Live Stats for real time performance monitoring, multi-lingual and translatable assets, amazingly responsive solutions designed for speed. And the Award-Winning Expert Support for Help, Knowledge, Advice, Guidance available 24/7.

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