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We are a Full Service Marketing Firm in the Digital Age. We are here to help elevate your Brand. From Marketing to Web Design (including Web Hosting), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, Analytics to Copy-Writing, we provide you with all the tools and the Award-Winning Support (24/7/365) you need to manage your presence online successfully and achieve your destiny.






Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital Marketing has been around for a while. Many changes have taken place in digital marketing in the last five years. Digital Marketing has helped businesses to achieve their grow and revenue objectives. Now, digital marketing is re-defining how we do business. Some researchers have argued that more changes have taken place in Marketing in the last two years than in the last fifty (50) years combined. The Digital Marketing Revolution is here. We are witness the evolution in real time with the emergence of new technologies such as AI, ML, etc. It is no longer enough to simply keep up with the changes. The ability to anticipate the changes and prepare accordingly will determine what brands thrive in the future. Let OnMax Host Digital Marketing Revolution Experts help position you ahead of the curve.

  • Virtual Augmented Reality Marketing: represents a new trend in Digital Marketing.
  • Voice Search: The Ultimate Marketing Tool is increasingly dominant already.
  • Video Marketing: Live Videos - Story Telling - Video views now lead Internet Traffic. It must be incorporated into your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019.
  • Micro-Moments: Leverage the moment when your audience is on your website (i.e. on their smart phones) to target them with personalized content to capture their attention while they are making instant decisions.
  • Artificial Intellingence: Many brands started experimenting with AI (Artificial Intellingence) and Machine Learning (ML) applications. It is anticipated that 2019 is the year they will fully get it right and launch into this technology. This is revolutionizing Digital Marketing - From chatbots to machine (robotic) process automation, the digital marketing revolution is bringing greater efficiencies and productivity into the marketing world.
  • Chatbots for effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Engagement based Email Marketing with Content Personalization - Engaging with active subscribers with personalized messages. They represent the most likely leads to move further into the funnels to a bying decision. This increases conversion rates.
  • Browser Push Notification: plays a major role in retargeting and increasing conversion rates as well.
  • Expertise - Authoritativeness - Trustworthiness (EAT) - Search Engines algorithms are not programmed to recognize websites that fall within the YMYL (Your Money - Your Life) category. Such websites must demonstrate E-A-T (Expertise - Authoritativeness - Trustworthiness) in order to be ranked high in SERPs.

Digital Marketing Revolution

Mobile Digital Marketing Domination

A revolution is taking place - The Digital Marketing Revolution. And even within the Digital Marketing revolution, we are witnessing the emergence of the Mobile Marketing domination. People are more and more turning to their phone for online searches, ordering and making payment transactions. Mobile phones are smaller and more convenient. It is therefore easier for consumers to pull them out and perform a search or order lunch. Search engines have recognized this fact and in 2020, Google has launched its Mobile-First Indexing.

With mobile first indexing, Google will ultimately begin with your content’s mobile version in deciding where that content is placed in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). OnMax Host Digital Marketing Experts are therefore placing a strong emphasis in our Website Design And Website Development for maximum website mobile optimization.

Any business ignoring the importance of digital marketing in general and mobile optimization in particular does so at their own peril.

Branding & Positioning

Customers no longer just buy products. They buy into your Brand. We help build a strong brand for your business and then deliver it through our creative and innovative solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Conversational Marketing through social connections and engagement with effective audience targeting channels and content marketing strategies to make amazing things happen for you.

Website Design

Perception is reality on the marketplace. Your website is the face of your business. We don't just design websites. We give creative expressions to your Brand through professional design.

Web Development

Our Custom Web Development Professionals use programing languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and others to customize your website to your specific business identity, personality and brand


Great content serves no purpose unless it can be seen by your intended audience. We make sure your content is fully optimized and responsive for search in order to improve your ranking in search results.

App Development

Our Software Developers build mobile apps with consideration for the rapidly growing and changing demands and constraints of the devices and take advantage of the types of devices increasingly used by users.


Eyeing for maximum eye ballls. We research, study, analyze, design a strategy for an AdWord Campaign. Then we execute, measure - analytics - and devise strategies. We advise to make sure you reach your goal of the highest ROI out of your campaigns.

Online Reputation

You can no longer ignore what is said about you or your business online. We will implement tools to protect your Brand with effective listening to keep up with what they are saying about your business and promptly responding. The goal is to protect your Brand.

Marketing Strategy

Without a clear and realistic strategy and road map, you will never achieve your goals. We work with you, through research to get to know your business to develop both a plan and strategy for executing the plan in order to achieve the results you want.

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