Branding And Your Domain Name


Branding And Your Domain Names

I wrote in one of my previous articles about the explosion of entrepreneurship. I also indicated that many still need to understand what it entails. It is important to stress here that entrepreneurship is not a job, nor is leadership entrepreneurship. I also want to stress that as an entrepreneur, it is vital that you define clearly how you are different from other businesses that are already on the market offer a product or services that are similar to yours. In order words, why should the public buy from you rather than from others? In order for you to succeed, you must articulate this differentiation and it must also be perceived by the public. This is what branding is all about. Every business needs to define their brand. Your brand is whatever your prospect thinks and / or feels about you whenever he or she hears your name. As an entrepreneur, you must therefore build your brand as a relationship. There is therefore a clear difference between the company and the brand. The company is the the organization that produces and markets services and / or products. The brand refers to the image and personality of the company. In reality, the two overlap such that the name evokes the brand.


Contrary to past decades, every business must go online in order to succeed. This is not an option. Pretty much, every aspect of life has gone digital. The necessity of carefully name one’s business includes today the necessity to frame that name into a web address that prospects enter into the address bar in your browser in order to find your business. It is also the name that they enter into a search tool in order to find you. The domain name is therefore the web address where your website resides on the Internet. And because there are billions of other websites out there in the vast world wide web, your domain name becomes the link that brings the public to your home online.


Naming your business is therefore a critical part of your business strategy. Your name must reflect the nature of your business – your business identity, personality, what your business does, the problems your business solves, etc. There are two ways the public arrive at your web address online: they either enter your web address or domain name in the address bar in your browser, or they search for your business name. And if they do not know your business name, they will search for the keywords associated with the answers they are looking for on the Internet. Search engines are now made to match websites that match the search criteria and then present the results to the person search in the form of search results. Such results appear in an order that is determined by many pre-defined criteria.

By giving your business a name that is associated with the business’ primary keyword, you increase the probability of your business coming up high on the search results list. Research shows that people generally choose from the top three (3) to five (5) search results. Your chances of coming up at the top of the list are based on many factors. But when you match your web address or domain name to the business name and your primary keyword, you significantly improve your chances of come up at the top of the list.


It is therefore a matter of life and death how you match your domain name with your business name. This must be handled as a vital investment into your enterprise. Unfortunately, your inspiration may not always come with a name (based on the nature of your business) that is readily available both for registration at the State Business Registration / Incorporation Office and the domain name availability. I advise entrepreneurs to hurry up and complete this process as quickly as possible because names do get registered by other people. Traditionally, all businesses pursued only one domain extension to register their web address. It was the .COM domain extension. Please read more about domain names in my previous articles Domain Name FAQ and How to Name Your Business.

The .COM domain is the most prestigious and the oldest domain extension for businesses. This came with a serious handicap because once a name has been registered with this domain extension, no one could register that name. Since around 2012, ICANN has now authorized the accreditation of new domain extensions. You now have hundreds of options in naming your business on the web using new gTLD’s or domain extensions that are industry specific and describes your business better.

New Domain Extensions Available – New Branding Options

The many new domains now available on the web are called gTLDs or generic Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Like the original TLDs – .COM, .ORG, .NET – the new gTLDs are part of what people type into the address bar of their web browsers to get to your website.

Thanks to these new domains, your website address can now describe who you are or what you do. For example, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .BUILD and .ATTORNEY all tell visitors something about what you offer. With a gTLD, you get a web address that’s specific to you and easy to remember so you can find more customers online.

These new domain extensions are available at OnMax Host for registration. Even if you are able to find your original traditional .COM domain, it is still a very smart thing to register more than one domain name to represent your business. So, if you already have a traditional domain extension such as yourbusinessname.com, you can register additional domains with specific extensions that describe specific products or services that your business offers, or markets that you serve, as your business grows.

You can also register additional domains to protect your brand. This is a very important reason to do so. Even though your business may be small today and you do not see the threat posed by any competitor who might seek to cause confusion around your brand name, this is the time to think ahead into the future and prevent that from happening. So, if you own the domain yourbusinessname.COM, you will not want someone else to have yourbusinessname.BIZ. So, you should go ahead and remove it from the market.


You can also use additional domain extensions to identify your business with your industry or to point to your specific geographic location if you are a local business. So, you could also register yourbusinessname.NY for New York.

Quite often, people do search for products and services by industry. Take for example how people search for wedding photographer. Including your industry increases your chances of standing out from the crowd in searches.

If you register more than one domain names, make sure that you attach the primary domain to your website and then point the other domains to your website. This has an added advantage of pointing external links to your website (if you would just post a single page with each of those domains).

Additional Domain Management Services Available At OnMax Host

I can imagine that you may be asking yourself the question what to do if the domain you want is no longer available for registration. This happens because someone else registered the domain previously. In this case, OnMax Host Domain Management Experts can still help you own it! Simply secure your chance to snag it up the instant it becomes available with our OnMax Host Domain Backorder And Monitoring Services. There is a fee for this service. To learn more about the OnMax Host Domain Backorder And Monitoring services, please visit our Knowledge Base Article at Domain Backorder and Monitoring FAQ.

If you already own a domain name with another registrar and would like to bring it to OnMax Host, simply go to Domain Transfer to OnMax Host” and enter your domain name into the domain transfer/search tool. Please note that you will have to perform several steps both at your current registrar and at OnMax Host in order to successfully complete the process. Go to Domain Transfer To OnMax Host – FAQ for instructions. You will need to contact your current registrar support team for assistance with steps to perform there.


If you need further assistance, please contact our Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team 24/7/365. But first, create a FREE Account (No Payment Method Required) to obtain your unique Customer ID Number. You will also set up your confidential PIN #. This information will be necessary when you call our Support Team night and day at (480) 624-2500. Our Experts are experienced and they will work with you to help you get even the most difficult domains to find.

Strengthen Your Brand With The New Domain Extensions (gTLD’s)

Since around 2012 when ICANN ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) – the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (the company that controls how the backbone of the internet works (…) changed their policy to start accepting pretty much any gTLD application, we have witnessed a big explosion, with over a thousand new gTLDs released and made available for registration by the public.

But this has also caused some confusion as many have not understood how to take advantage of these new opportunities to obtain new domains.

You can use these new gTLD to create custom short links. Many companies, and personal brands are taking advantage of new gTLDs, as their branded custom URL shorteners. A branded link – a shortened URL built around a brand name or related term can help to associate the company with the links, content, and information you share online.

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