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About OnMax Host

OnMax Host Digital brings a combined over 65 years of experience in Business Analysis, Systems Implementation - both technical and functional, Web Design, Graphics Design, Marketing, Publishing, Public Relations, Training/Coaching, Corporate Finance at "C" Level, Accounting, as well as several decades of business experience.

Our desire and purpose is to bring the benefits of Technology and Data to help businesses have the appropriate tools they need to make accurate business decisions to reach their own goals.

In our years of Business Consulting, we have met businesses that have failed because they made right decision on the basis of wrong assumptions. Others made wrong decisions on the basis of correct assumptions. And others simply applied wrong analysis to correct data. And many just lack the capabilities to access data in the format that they can configure to present it in a way that is relevant to their business goals and to articulate the results of their analysis in the language that is relevant to them.

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Our Vision is to inspire creativity and innovation, push entrepreneurship, and help turn your ideas into reality to bring total transformation to the lives of all the people of all nations, races, ages, languages, tribes to see them fulfill their God designed destinies and become living answers to the groans of the rest of creation. On Earth As It Is In Heaven!

The OnMax Host Digital Brand Awareness Guidelines

About OnMax Host Digital is our Story. Our Brand is not just a Logo. Not Just a Slogan. Not Just A Name. We are A Voice for Transformation. We Are Forerunners.

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The OnMax Host Digital Brand is much more than simply a name. It is a reflection of our values, faith, beliefs, passion, commitment to excellence, creativity, innovation, vision and total dedication to the Heavenly Mandate to bring Glory to all the nations. This represents our the identity and spirit of this company.

The more we use the various representations of our the OnMax Host Digital Brand, the more our Brand is strengthened, the more people know about OnMax Host Digital, the more our Brand Awareness increases, and the more our passion to fulfill this destiny is strengthened.

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Hal Ngoy

Analytics - Audit - Design - Marketing

Hal Ngoy brings over 25 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Web Design, Systems Implementation and Training, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Contract Management, Business Planning, Training, and Marketing across many industries, including the United Nations.

I also bring strong Business Coaching and Mentorship experience. As an Apostle, I carry a mandate for the total transformation of people to bring them to the fulfillment of their destinies.

I have worked for many years performing data analysis with advanced analytical techniques including Advanced Microsoft Excel, Audit, Math and Statistical techniques. I have worked with many businesses performing data extraction or mining, from small and large databases. I am particularly passionate about helping businesses with Google Analytics, Web Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Audit, and Web Design & Development.

About OnMax Host - Hal Ngoy

Leticia Maxwell Ngoy

Marketing - Strategy

Leticia Maxwell Ngoy brings many years of experience as an Entrepreneur and an Apostle, a Teacher and Mentor. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Public Relations, Producer, Author, Musician, Editor, and Leadership.

Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy is also an International Speaker, Coach, and Missionary. Her business passion is Marketing - especially Digital Marketing Strategy - and helping businesses with their Marketing Strategies - not only the Strategy formulation but also launch and execution.

Her strong analytical skills and Marketing experience help businesses spot new opportunities for Growth and Success and develop a strategy, tactics and identify resources necessary to take advantage of these opportunities. Her inter-personal and communication skills and Marketing Expertise are keys to the success of OnMax Host's Branding & Positioning Mission.

About OnMax Host - Leticia Maxwell Ngoy

OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - SEO


OnMax Host Digital uses advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and tools to help businesses be found online, make the right impression with relevant content, draw real traffic - (Local SEO Services) - achieve high conversion rates through research, analysis, creativity, innovation, design and strategy.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - SMO


OnMax Host Digital helps businesses and organizations take advantage of the huge potential Social Media offers to connect with real people, build real relationships, establish real connections, build real relationships, produce real engagements, build real a real community.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - Web Design

Web Development

OnMax Host Digital develops elegant and professional websites that are fully optimized for speed, mobile devices and search engines. Our website development services include developing content that fully and adequately meet web searchers' intent and provide the best solutions to their problems.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - App Development

App Development

More business is conducted over mobile devices and employees are also working on mobile devices. As this trend continues, OnMax Digital Developers build mobile apps with consideration for the rapidly growing, changing demands & constraints of the devices and take advantage of the trends towards mobile.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Are you tracking and monitoring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effectively. Let OnMax Digital help you with measuring your business performance to enable you gain the knowledge and insights to manage your business towards your goals. Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - Branding Positioning

Branding & Positioning

Building powerful brands, delivering your Brand Voice through a variety relevant, dynamic content to connect with your audience - building releasing a better brand story to build strong and lasting brand loyalty, produce volume conversion rates, lifetime loyalty with real people to fuel sustainable growth for your business.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax-Digital - Domain Names

Domain Names

A domain name is key to success online because when it is crafted and chosen properly, it is the foundation of your overall online campaign when it is built around your primary business topic. OnMax Host Digital Digital Experts help our clients with Keyword Research and Marketing, domain name registration and management.

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OnMax Digital - About OnMax Digital - Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web page load speed and website security are among the critical factors that search engine algorithms use to determine your content ranking in search engine results page (SERP). These factors are also influenced by your web hosting environment. OnMax Host Digital provide web hosting that is robust, blazingly fast, secure and scalable.

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OnMax Host Digital In The Community

More About OnMax Host Digital. We strongly believe that every business and organization must define its mission beyond simply the pursuit of the maximization of value for its shareholders. As a Citizen within our Community, OnMax Host Digital is committed to adding value to our Generation and those to come. We have a divine mandate to be catalyst for transformation for the growth of our communities. Join us in the Journey. Be a part of the experience.

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Why we need to hear from the Community

We value all the feedback we receive, not only from our customers, but also from the community. We believe that we are adding value to our community as a whole, in many different ways.

We support startup businesses and work with them to get in on advanced technology to get them started. We share knowledge, tactics, tips, updates, ideas, with the community. Through our regular Email, we publish vital and valuable information. We also provide systematic knowledge through our Blog Articles where we answer specific questions from our readers.

We would love to receive your feedback. Go to our Contact us page to send us your feedback. We welcome your observations - both positive and negative to help us improve.

Thank you very much.

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