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Full Digital Marketing Team committed to providing professional, customized and dedicated digital solutions to meet your every day needs and maximize your business success, growth and profitability. Our focus is to build a global reputation with aggressive Brand Positioning, SEO, Web Development / Design, Web Hosting, and Social Media Management for you.

OnMax Host - Web Design


At OnMax Host, we only want to make amazing things for our clients. We design solutions to complex business problems. We design elegant websites and marketing materials, and build strong brands to help our clients achieve their goals today and into the future.



Hosting is the second of two legs that hold your website visible on the web. We offer hosting that is flexible for all websites - personal, small or large, powerful, secure, fast with 99.9% up-time guarantee. Our Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team is also available 24/7/365 to assist you night and day.

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Every individual, business and organization has a story. It is the story that your brand tells. The Mission of OnMax Host is to give voice to your story through a better brand - delivering your story in creative and innovative ways to establish credibility, connect with customers & generate leads.

OnMax Host - Seo Maintenance


OnMax Host provides website maintenance services to clients around the world. Whether we design and host your website or whether the website is hosted elsewhere, we will manage your website security - prevention, monitoring & remediation - and content updates.

High Quality. Not Just Affordable!

We do not just design websites. We give expression to your brand with a professional, custom, optimized responsive and elegant website.

Turning your ideas into reality. We help build your brand, establish credibility, connect you with your customers and generate leads for you.

OnMax Host Team


Hundreds of Great New Domains Available for You:

  • .graphics
  • Grab attention with cool graphics
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  • $19.99
  • Was ($24.99)/year – Save 20%
  • $24.99/year when you renew
  • .marketing
  • When marketing is what you do
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  • .xyz
  • When your possibilities are unlimited
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  • $1.99
  • Was ($19.99)/year – Save 87%
  • $14.99/year when you renew
Is Your Business Ready for the future?

New SEO Trends

  • Chatbots
  • Data Analytics
  • Voice Search
  • Content Is Still King


All services in one place


We make amazing things - solutions to complex business problems to help our clients achieve their goals today and into the future.

Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM)

Through research, analysis we design strategies to move businesses through multiple appropriate channels to achieve results.


OnMax Host will be your Team / Partner. We generate confidence and security in our customers. We provide all the tools to implement our client's strategy.

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We help shape how the world feels about your business by our creative designs.

We are a full digital marketing services firm. Through research, creativity, innovations and strategy, we help your brand reach your customers and grow your business.

Customers reviews

From my experience so far, OnMax Host is simply the best. So peaceful. Very professional design. Great experience. Totally committed to excellence.
Very professional & helpful with all of my needs. Of all the companies, I've never been extremely happy with their customer service. I highly recommend.
Jeremiah Griffin
Very professional & helpful with all of my needs. Of all the companies, I've never been extremely happy with their customer service. I highly recommend.

Check out our work


Church Website

Website Design & Content Development for Yahweh Global Missions based in Eastern Uganda (East Africa). Project includes Full Branding Positioning.

Website Design

Full Branding Project includes website, logo, graphics design and content develop for Destiny Apostolic Resource Center based in Missouri (US).

Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know Our Products & Services

Your domain name is your web address. It is the address where your website resides on the web. And it is how online visitors find you on the web. It can be very overwhelming and intimidating to get the right domain name for your business or organization. Our Award-Winning Support is available 24/7/365 to help you.

OnMax Host provides professional website design services. If you need help designing your website, please contact our Website Design Professionals. We design all types of websites including simple blogs to e-Commerce websites and enterprise-level sites. You may also consider our easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Builder and create your own website in less than an hour. We specialize in all website design platforms such as WordPress as well as others.

We have hundreds of new domain extensions to help you coin a domain name that is short, catchy, memorable, and specific to your business. For more information, read our Steps for choosing your perfect domain name. With hundreds of new domain extensions, you also have the opportunity to build your domain portfolio with various extensions to protect your brand online. If you need assistance, remember, our Domain Experts are available 24/7/365.

Yes. We provide Website Maintenance Services. We offer a variety of Website Maintenance Plans that includes content update, website security monitoring, intervention and remediation. We also include hosting as well as SEO & Marketing Services. All these and more for one monthly fee.

OnMax Host provides a variety of website hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Our Hosting Plans are flexible to help your business grow with us, from the basic startup website or blog to enterprise-level websites that require extensive resources. You also have the option to choose from Linux with cPanel, Windows with Parallels Plesk, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Yes. Our Digital Marketing Team provides full SEO and Online Marketing Services. We offer various plans ranging from local SEO to national and global SEO and Advertising Services. We also provide Social Media Management Services as well as online advertising options. For more information, please contact our Digital Marketing & Branding Support Team. Our Branding & Positioning Services are an integral part of the OnMax Host Digital Transformation Strategy.


At OnMax Host Digital we are totally committed to your total satisfaction. Our Award-Winning Sales & Technical Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help you with all issues related to hosting, website security, email, domains.

Contact our Digital Marketing Department at (314) 597-6578 for issues related to Design, Branding, SEO & Marketing.

Knowledge Base

Find answers, to questions, how-to instrtuctions, tips & descriptions of products. Click the link below for visit our Knowledge Base.

Technical Support

Hosting Support: (314) 597-6583

Hosting Email Support: OnMax Host – Hosting Email Support

Digital Marketing Digital Support: (314) 597-6578

Website Design Support: (314) 597-6578

Email: branding@onmaxhost.domains

OnMax Host Digital Support Schedule

At OnMax Host Digital, we know that inspiration can strike at any time, night and day. We are committed to meet our customers at their point and time of need. Therefore, we provide several options for you to connect with our Team of Experts when you need assistance.

Domains & Website Hosting Customers can call our 24/7/365 Award-Winning Sales & Technical Experts by calling +1-314-597-6578.

Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding, Website Design & Development can reach our Team during normal business hours. For more information, go to our Support Team Page. We also have a Chat line available 24/7/365 (See bottom right hand side of the screen).

International Customers in selective countries can reach us via our Localized Support Numbers in their countries.